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OCR02195 - *YES* Pokémon Gold Version 'Champions Horizon'

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Remixer: Willrock

Game Remixed: Pokemon Gold/Silver

Source Remixed: Route 27 -

Remix Name: Champions Horizon

Comments: Its been a while since I subbed a track. 2 months, my first sub this year even.


Anyway, this is another project track - yes a project track, make sure this goes in the project post queue - for the pokemon project. Vig rejoice. So, this remix has been in the works forever, from the time I did mountain of dreams and snowboardin sonic, mainly because when I started this I was a noob that couldn't play guitar, or record one anyway. So... I asked fishy, he said yeah, and I waited forever and it didn't happen, simply because fishy was too busy it seemed, which was a shame, because fishy rocks.

So, I decded to record guitars myself.

Hope you guys dig this one, its one of my more experimental tracks in terms of arrangement, has some of my most crazy soloing in any of my remixes, and has a cool pikachu segment at the end ;)

so.... source breakdown -

0.00 - 0.08 - intro

0.08 - 0:13 - Source Intro (source)

0.13 - 0:21 - Intro Solo

0:21 - 0:53 - source main melody (source)

0:53 - 1:10 - Source Link section (source)

1:10 - 1:15 - Transition to Synth Solo

1:15 - 1:40 - Synth Solo

1:40 - 2:10 - Source Main Melody (source)

2:10 - 2:27 - Source Link Section (source)

2:27 - 3:09 - Fast section and solos

3:09 - 3:18 - Transition to final chorus melody

3:18 - 3:50 - Source Melody chorus section (source)

3:50 - 4:06 - Solo over melody chords backing

4:06 - 4:21 - Piano variation melody (source)

4:21 - 4:48 - pika pi?

Source amount (rough) = 148 seconds (2:28 )


My breakdown follows Will's except that the last piano variation part is a little loose. This sits on roughly 50% even without that, so I'm OK passing this.

As far as the arrangement, it's very cool and I love the guitar playing. Screw that Fishy character you mention, just keep doing it yourself. The synth solo is also really cool, and overall, I just like the sound of the piece. Drums could be less plain - do I say that about every song of yours?


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POW POW POW POWWWWW that drummer must have arms of granite to do those BRUTAL sidesticks at the beginning. The volume of those is off the charts ridiculous.

It walks the line between source and original stuff, but i'm totally fine posting this from a content standpoint.

Guitar playing and synths are great, and there are a lot of nice diversions with some quality breakdowns. The fade was a bit abrupt, but the track still works.

Once again the drums are the weak point, with overly static attacks in the sound, and decent but not amazing patterns, but the rest more than makes up for it.


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I still think the Pokémon soundtracks are bloody brilliant. Bias aside though, this certainly walks the not-so-well-formulated source line. Since it's roughly 50% AND I think how you handled the source was very nice I'm cooled with that. Nice solos too! Production was above the bar but like OA said the drums were a bit of a weak spot. In my ears the whole track was a little bit muddy but it wasn't a big deal.

Overall a great personal take on the source and another solid Willrock piece.


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I barely hear the pokemon theme in this track. That must be why I like it so much. The high point for me is definitely the lead sequencing. Your sound and writing is very reminiscent of Protricity. This song is so 80's. Epic, to be sure. A little bit too epic, in that the amount of reverb on everything sometimes turns the mix into mush. I would definitely tone it down and at least make the drums and rhythm guitars dryer, if not the leads.

However, it's still above the bar.


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