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  1. For me I’ve literally seen 70%+ UW control or Boros angels. Boros is fine but playing vs UW is zzzzzzzz
  2. I’ve been playing it for maybe 5 months- it’s pretty great, though I wish they had friends lists. Eventually I guess!
  3. I love this album, it made the difficult journey to my iPod onto my gym playlist. Not many albums can say that!
  4. voice clips are fine, actual game audio itself (the original soundtrack) is likely not - I haven't been a judge for a few years so maybe things have changed; I recommend hitting up a current judge for the most current information.
  5. i love how you turned the meme into a sortof wistful take on one of the best themes - The clips are funny but i think if you slowed them up a bit it'd fit the mood of the song better. I do think that it's not subbable because you directly sampled the original music, but i love a lot of the chord changes you mixed the track up with. Overall a really nice soundscape with some good changes and a lot of attention to detail. Nice work
  6. going to likely be my last Super MAGfest, so I'm gonna make it a good one
  7. I'd table it for until you hear from them- it'd be huge issues later if you started a kickstarter without them approving first.
  8. yeah, you can contact @DragonAvenger and she does good customization work for extra
  9. I talk to Dale once in awhile on twitter - prep a solid pitch for him though, because he is busy AF.
  10. From the looks of the rest of the typography, they have probably sold about 4 shirts. I don't think it's that big of a deal.
  11. HEY EVERYONE, THE KICKSTARTER FOR THIS IS AVAILABLE Look at that amazing logo and cover art! Listen to the fantastic songs! Back this project so we can justify the Bee-playing-a-saxophone SECRET BOSS! Also there is an epic new build you should download and play (link on the kickstarter page)
  12. updated chords and some productions stuff: I changed the E to an F in the chords adjusted the piano at the beginning EQ'ed the guitar a bit added some epiano reduced a lot of the vibrato on the melody for the questionable section to make it less weird sounding http://oceansend.com/5502/ocr/rock/blue skies pirate surprise.mp3
  13. the art and music are really nice, Unfortunately, not even my unending thirst for medieval hunnies was enough to keep me interested in the boring gameplay.
  14. no devices of this caliber. A 2ds with an extra case around it is good.
  15. ok, guys, the Pokken soundtrack is amazing, check it out sometime. Some super hype stuff on there. I will be doing a track for sure 100%
  16. I will very very likely be doing a Pokken Tournament track
  17. I had a good time and am slowly going through my pokedex and filling in gaps. The story was shorter than I expected, but it wasn't filled with filler, so I am fine with the length. One more island would have been cool, where things could have gotten more detailed. The art is great, the music has been pretty good, and I am very glad I gave this game a shot.
  18. i finished the main game over the weekend and it was pretty fun, this was the first pokemon game I had played all the way through!
  19. I am still super curious about the PF Chang's/Hooters crossover because I have no shame, but I think some mysteries are meant to remain unsolved. v____v N A N D O S
  20. The big eevee pillow is now on our couch as a throw pillow.
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