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OC Remixer's music featured as part of Indie Film


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As some of you know, we put out the word a while back that we were looking for talent to help us on the film Population 2, created by myself along with Portland director Gil Luna and Director of Photography Kenneth Luba. All the music that was sent to us (and it was a lot) was good... and some of it was exceptional.

Then things changed, as they often do in the movie industry. The musical direction shifted and an accomplished composer from New York stepped forward with an incredible offer to work for free on the project. It was an offer that couldn't be turned down.

Yet, despite this, there was one OCRemixer whose name kept coming up. Months after the decision to go with the composer had been set in stone, we would still come across certain members of the production team (including myself) playing her demo reel on their ipods. Finally, the production team talked it over and we decided to ask Nicole Adams if she would like to add some music to the film.

The first piece she has composed for us is appropriately titled "Looking Back" and has been featured in one of our "Behind the Scenes" videos that shows some teaser shots of the locations, make up, and costumes that permeate the world of Population 2. For those of us who worked on Population 2, the music adds a strong touch of nostalgia to our looking back:


As has been said of her here, Nicole has been incredibly easy to work with and has an amazingly quick turn-around on her productions. She obviously holds herself to the highest standards and we're all looking forward to seeing more of her work featured in the final film. For now, this short video is being shown to filmmakers all over the Portland area, including Gus Van Sant and people involved with the making of the television show Leverage, as part of the build up to the official release of the Population 2 trailer.

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