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liking what you got going on here; simple and laid back (perfect for my lame ass not doing anything tonight ;D ). the panning on the different synths threw me for a loop, its a nice touch!

were you looking to extend the mix? right now it sounds like it sticks to mostly one chord, a minor (a c e). if you wanted to extend it you could try moving the different synth lines to play around a g major chord (G B D) and then alternate back to the main a minor chord again. if you did that and then maybe added another layer of some kind of percussion i think you could extend it more :)

for when youve got the double crash cymbal hits, the crash just before each new measure throws me off a little bit, maybe instead of having the same crash cymbal twice, have an open pair of hi hats first, or raise the pitch of the first cymbal hit by 7 semitones (a fifth), or even just drop the velocity on the first hit so that next measure really comes in strong

also if you can turn up the level on the snare, add some reverb to the snare hit and then compress it up so you get a nice airy decay. add some predelay to it so the reverberation does cover the attack of the snare and set to the dry side, compressing will bring out the decay. will make it fill up some space and make it that much more chillaxin. hope this helps :D

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As far as production goes (where you're talking about reverb and decay and delay and all that nice stuff) I'll see if I can figure that out. I'm still pretty new to all this music making and I'm not quite sure how to speak the lingo.

Chord transitions and pitch swapping I know, I'll give that a try.

Yes, I'm looking to extend the mix quite a bit, just looking for suggestions on what to add.

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