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  1. https://soundcloud.com/kai-tunes/sonic-knuckles-flying-battery Hey all! Just a neurofunk/mecha inspired remix of the flying battery zone tune. If you're into maniac bass sounds you might like this one. Enjoy
  2. Thought some of you may enjoy my latest works. http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/steel http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/stormbreaker Enjoy
  3. Happy Holidays Folks! Feel free to take a peek and download some stuff I made for friends for christmas!! 1. http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/sonic-the-hedgehog-3-endless 2. http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/cyber-troopers-virtual-on-in 3. http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/xenogears-emotions-ironblues Download it all here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m06zl3 Let me know what you think!!! edit: Ooooops I posted this in the wrong forum, did not even realize i was in Originals Any chance i could have this moved to the remix section kind moderators? )
  4. i made this a year or so ago for a school project, under my old moniker bumblebeets. for some reason i never allowed it to be downloaded but it also has the highest plays of anything on my cloud haha. so i enabled downloads and figured yall kind folks here would appreciate it, so here ya go http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/bumblebeets-the-legend-of-zelda
  5. hello everyone! http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/titan just posted another track to my beefcloud, and as always i appreciate your opinions and feedback! just a bit of electro inspired by the likes of reading marvel's infinity gauntlet. Hope yall like it
  6. thanks again for the critiques fellas yall are right in that its a bad habit to not correct mistakes like having the low end of the piano be in the same frequency range as the mid range basslines, or making the basslines too busy in areas where they shouldnt be, not panning out percussion enough etc. i just wanted to get this one out of the way so i could start something new (and original) that didnt have those mistakes but for some strange reason more people have downloaded this song off the soundcloud page in the first week more than any one of my tracks. and i almost didnt post it! your suggestions are duly noted and ill take heed as i compose newer music!!
  7. yeah i made little effort to make the piano sound organic, i didnt take the track seriously enough to really put that much effort into it. as for the track choosing i had been wanting to mess around with that song for awhile so i forced it to the 172 tempo. this was mostly just a quick warm up for writing originals, but thank you for the critiques
  8. http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/martin-odonnell-never-forget-ironblue-remix in celebration of my storm eagle track getting rejected, here is another track that would get rejected from ocr! there are a lot of issues with the mastering and what not but that deals with the foundation of the arrangement that i ruined ;3 so maybe at least 1 person will enjoy!! source is way better!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyDZscyf8lU
  9. CC is right for sure, controlling the velocity as much as possible is so so so so important for making a beat sound natural! Also the ghost notes (tiny, weak hits on a snare or hi hat) CC mentioned are invaluable to make drums sound good as well, especially in faster paced music. if im playing a fast beat on my kit (that isnt just metal double bass pedal runs) i am -always- filling up spaces with ghost notes Listen to songs that you think have a really good sense of rhythm and percussion and try to place where everything is in time. Where the snare is (for example, in a measure of 4 beats, having the snare on the 3 is a very different sound from having the snare on the 2 and 4; such is dnb) Look up some drum tutorials on youtube for different kinds of rhythms (jungle/dnb, latin, samba, metal, etc). trying to "sing" (beatbox) the rhythms in music will give you a better idea of what each line of percussion/drums are doing. i highly recommend looking up videos by jojo maier or bernard purdie, they know how to make a beat sound nice n fat!!
  10. yeah i think the rhythms could be upped a smidge but i did try to maintain as much balance and have everything rest on the same plane so to enforce the atmospheric focus. the subs are fine, if anything they need to be turned down imo! thanks much for the feedback! <3
  11. Track i made with a bit of help from some psychic blue aliens i know! http://soundcloud.com/ironblue/stargate
  12. yeah hahah to be honest i dont really care for the approval of OC, at least not with this track, im just glad theres a place to share video game related music! i like to keep my "remixes" close to the original arrangement because the arrangement is what i like to hear, i just like to add different grooves or feels to the song with rhythm (im a nerdy drummer). im really glad you guys appreciate it though thanks for the awesome feedback, youll be hearing more from me !!!
  13. sounds good man, if theres any way i can clear that up for ya let me know how
  14. liking what you got going on here; simple and laid back (perfect for my lame ass not doing anything tonight ;D ). the panning on the different synths threw me for a loop, its a nice touch! were you looking to extend the mix? right now it sounds like it sticks to mostly one chord, a minor (a c e). if you wanted to extend it you could try moving the different synth lines to play around a g major chord (G B D) and then alternate back to the main a minor chord again. if you did that and then maybe added another layer of some kind of percussion i think you could extend it more for when youve got the double crash cymbal hits, the crash just before each new measure throws me off a little bit, maybe instead of having the same crash cymbal twice, have an open pair of hi hats first, or raise the pitch of the first cymbal hit by 7 semitones (a fifth), or even just drop the velocity on the first hit so that next measure really comes in strong also if you can turn up the level on the snare, add some reverb to the snare hit and then compress it up so you get a nice airy decay. add some predelay to it so the reverberation does cover the attack of the snare and set to the dry side, compressing will bring out the decay. will make it fill up some space and make it that much more chillaxin. hope this helps
  15. these are great, i cant imagine how much mastering these need! what kind of experience do you have as a musician? i love the character of these, especially the second one
  16. the idea is that its not a whole bunch of delay it should be so subtle that its almost difficult to hear (but you can still feel it in the groove). think of it like an automatic way to hit a tiny ghost note after a hard drum stroke
  17. i think a medley definitely requires a good balance of cohesion and variation. you dont want it to be all over the place and random but you still want it to take you to different places and still be fresh. i like to introduce different instruments at different parts and then have them all work together in the end for a big bang! music theory would also really help with this, modulating key signatures is definitely valuable in learning to compose a medley. For example, if you have a 3 part medley it could start in C, move to G (the fifth) for the second part, and then return to C for the third part. or, you could use the relative key signature (all same notes but different mode and tonic/root) and move from C major to a minor and then back to C major. this would all be done by connecting chords in a matter that prepares you for whats coming up next i guess generally with a medley you have to keep in mind the brain's desire for resolution and returning to a kind of sound (like a certain key/mode)
  18. this is great, its a lot of fun to listen to i would put a really small amount of delay on the drums, very dry with a smidge of feedback. if your delay box can have different timings for l/r channel i like to put one side to 1 step and the other to 2 steps. basically if you get another light hit from the snare or bass drum it adds a bit to the groove, i imagine it would sound extra sweet with what youve got going setting the l/r channels to different times will just open up the width of the sound! i would maybe bring the hi hats down in level a tiny bit and add some variation, maybe a little hi hat fill here and there, but thats just me being a sucker for busy drumming! theres an arpeggiated synth a little over half way through that i really like, maybe bring that up in volume a bit! i might try to widen up the sound a bit more, maybe add some 808 clave hits to the far right or left sides. i think reverbing and bumping up the hi-mid ranges on the vocal track will give it a bit more atmosphere too. hope this helps in some way
  19. what kind of background do you have in music? playing an instrument definitely helps a lot in terms of interpreting and reinterpreting music. any knowledge in bits of theory would help too! these things will help you feel how the music flows and why it feels the way it does in terms of production stuffs, i would recommend trying out as many different things as possible. ive messed around 4-5 different programs before i settled on which one i use. you dont need to test them all but it helps to see which one suits your preferred method of composing best! i also recommend experimenting with as many different sounds as you can, reading up on synthesizers/samplers really helped my precision in terms of selecting the instruments that i want. of course nothing will be the effort or consistent practice and listening, best of luck to ya!
  20. Nice work man, excellent blend of different sounds going on i would turn down the snare a bit, it sounds right up front and a bit harsh! Maybe turn up the hi hats and pan out the cymbals a bit more. a bit more presence on the sub frequencies would fill up the low end (but im a sucker for bass so im biased!) the rhythm and lead sound stacked right on top of each other when they are both playing, so i might push the rhythm guitar a little farther in the background when the lead comes in or pan em out some more. hopefully that helps in some way
  21. http://soundcloud.com/blooandwhite/spin-frequency some WIP i started a long time ago and havent gotten back to, just a mix of some drum and bassy/swordfighting/groovomatic/yasunori flying sounds. i may polish it up sometime down the line, repetitive drums and the same buildup sound every time, but maybe someone will like :smile:
  22. Ableton Live! I've used cool edit, reason, a couple different trackers (renoise mostly), logic and live. i think i naturally decided to go with live because it felt similar to a tracker in how simple it is to navigate and immediately begin writing but had the production power of something like reason or logic. it allows for immediate mixing of midi/audio tracks and really lets you go to town. if i had a mac, id probably go with logic though
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