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Sabrewulf's theme from KI2/Gold


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Hey everyone, new to the board.

Obvious as that was due to post count.

Anyways, I am looking for feedback and such on this track I was working on.

It is Sabrewulf's theme from Killer Instinct 2/Gold.

The guitar was put on last night, but the rest was done a few days ago, or over the span of a few days rather.

Be harsh if you can, because I want to learn more about what I can do to improve the sound of my music because it all seems low. :nicework:

Here it is: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/5/735980/Sabrewulf%202.mp3

Edit, and new take on the guitar and drums: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/5/735980/Sabrewulf%203.mp3

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Download links are good, but something like tindeck is better. Check it out, is free.

Secondly, you'll wanna put a source with your posts, so that we can get famaliar with the sause n' see what's changed/needs to, etc.


The problem I'm hearing now is that this sounds pretty right on with a MIDI, or the original. Changed instruments, but not much improvisation.

Another along those lines is that it tends to get old quickly. It is a catchy riff, but the track is way too repetitive. Consider using something like half time in places, especally with a theme this fast

The mix seems to be missing low sounds until 1:42 where they come in with no subtlety whatsoever. But man, it's like night and day, there and gone, something is missing or overpowering.

I'm not sure the sound you're going for, but the guitar as is, is, crazyness. Very fast (not humanly possible fast in the intro8O), very mechanical sounding also. Much of the instrumentation is, in that sense lacking.

Work from the start, listen to the track and decide the bits you like and wanna expand on, then use that direction to help ya put thought to sound. Listen to how other people do things here on OCR and stuff, the radio. Get something you want and latch onto it, take it with you and make it work.

Good luck

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Just checked out the song, heres my thoughts on it.

- Overall a good start, and this shows promise for an epic take on Sabrewulfs theme.

- Some parts are a bit repetitive, and could use some variation.

- Some of the instruments need to sound more "humanized". You could randomize the velocites and note lengths, add some reverb e.t.c

- I agree with hewhoisiam, the song seems to be lacking bass up until 1:42.

Thats all for now, keep at it.

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