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  1. Hey all, I just finished my third cover from the Final Fantasy series - "Fighting" I've also covered: "Still More Fighting" from FF7 "Terra" from FF6
  2. Hey all. Back in 2011 I made a cover of the Skyrim Main Theme, which went viral (over 4 5 million views!) I recently made an extended and remastered version. Check it out!
  3. Introduction For the past few years I have been working on an arrangement album of music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it is finally complete! It features 12 songs of metal/rock covers of various themes and songs from the original score. This is a FREE, non-profit album and is not affiliated with Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, Reprise Records, Howard Shore, Peter Jackson or anyone else related to the original score of these films. Links/Social Media Album website - Download on Bandcamp - (various sizes/formats) Download on Dropbox - of the Metal (84.9MB MP3) Facebook Page - Follow on Twitter - Video Playlist
  4. Hey all. I recently finished my metal arrangement of Vampire Killer from the original Castlevania game. Featuring live bats...(maybe fake ones). Enjoy!
  5. Sbeast

    Recreating a synth sound

    Thanks you both for the replies. I've been playing around with some settings on Zebra2 and think I have something close now.
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to recreate a synth sound from the Patlabor 2 Soundtrack, by Kenji Kawai. It's the opening synth pad/choir sound from the song "At Parting" @ 0:04 Any ideas how to recreate it? Thanks.
  7. Sbeast

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    So currently we have 1 finished song, 5 substantial WIPS, 1 rough WIP, and awaiting 3 WIPS. I've put the next deadline as May 1st, so hopefully we will have everyone at the rough/substantial WIP stage by then.
  8. Sbeast

    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    Hey, I would like to claim 'The One Who Will Save the Earth' I am also a posted mixer if that helps
  9. Sbeast

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    Since Super Mario Galaxy was originally released on November 1st 2007, perhaps we should aim for November 1st 2017 as the release date? I've added the next deadline as March 1st 2017, hopefully everyone should have at least a basic WIP by then. If anyone has any suggestions/questions, feel free to say!
  10. Sbeast

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    Ok great, let me know if you decide on a source.
  11. Sbeast

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    I think it's better to have one song as the main source, but I guess you can incorporate parts from other songs if it adds to the arrangement.
  12. Sorry I missed the date, should have my fest WIP finished in the next week if that's ok.
  13. Sbeast

    Super Mario Galaxy Album

    I decided to add the next WIP deadline for 31st December, which still gives plenty of time, and hopefully more people sign up until then. Getting a bit worried we might not have enough tracks, so feel free to ask other remixers to join or advertise where you can. Thanks!
  14. Since Barley Waldorf seems to have left, I decided to create a new topic so this project can continue. If another topic already exists, or this should be moved to the "Projects" sub forum, just let me know. If everyone could make a comment including what song you are remixing and roughly how complete it is, I can start to make a list here. Chernabogue (feat. Tuberz and Furilas) - Bowser Battle - Finished Sbeast - Good Egg Galaxy - Substantial WIP ~Faseeh~ - Stardust Road - Substantial WIP DS394 - Starbit Festival - Substantial WIP Nostalvania - Ice Mountain/Lava Path - Substantial WIP YoshiBlade - Beach Bowl Galaxy - Substantial WIP LongBoxofChocolate - Buoy Base Galaxy - Substantial WIP Bowlerhat - Rosalina's Observatory - Rough WIP Thirdkoopa - Melty Molten Galaxy - Rough WIP Cody Wedel - Honeyhive Galaxy - Awaiting WIP 1st WIP deadline - December 31st 2016 2nd WIP deadline - March 1st 2017 3rd WIP deadline - May 1st 2017 4th WIP deadline - July 1st 2017 Super Mario Galaxy 10th Anniversary - November 1st 2017 Make Galaxy great again...
  15. My first WIP is pretty much ready, just let me know when you need it by.