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OC ReMix 00087 is erroneous


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I have been talking to Memblers lately (the creator of OC ReMix 87 'Grim Reaper'). What I didn't notice before and realized after talking to him is that the song here on the website is faulty. I'm not sure this has always been that way and I know the song is really old. But since it obviously survived multiple lockdowns I think it has the right to be taken care of :)

By reading the comments on this song one can cleary see nearly everybody has a problem with the organ in the song which sounds absolutely different in the song encoded by Memblers. Here's what Memblers told me about this:

It sounds different because I made in FT2 (which originated the XM format), but a lot of XM players get things wrong.
So please listen (maybe again) to the song on OC ReMix and how Memblers intended it to be. Please consider afterwards if something should be done about this or not.

Maybe some of you think it's stupid of me to talk about something that old, but somehow I felt it had to be said :)

Thanks for your attention.

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The notes themselves have changed, most notably in the final dissonant section. Even if that is a problem with the encoding, which I'm not sure how it could be, it makes this a different remix. Based on how this has been handled in the past, Members would have to resubmit this as a new remix; the current version wouldn't be replaced. A site admin can give you the official word, though.

You can still post this info in the review thread. Some folks might appreciate hearing a different version. It's certainly nice that the static has been removed and an ending added.

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Although I can't say for sure that there were some technical errors involved, from what I understood players other than FastTracker (which I believe Memblers referred to as FT2) had difficulties playing the song, most notably in the pitch-shifting. So maybe after all it's only the playback and not the notes which changed.

I just think if that was the problem maybe something should be done about this, even if it would only be a mention on the remix's site. I will post a comment on the track with a link to the other song if nothing else happens.

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