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  1. I have been enjoying OCRemix for a couple of years now and I think supporting the site is the right thing. Given all the cool music available here for free I think my 30$ are adequate. Please keep up the good work!
  2. This mix has been around for a while but has never been posted officially to OCRemix. It was part of the album "Project Chaos" which should be listed under the albums section of this site.Other than that, I like this song, too, and have been keeping it in my playlist for a couple of years already
  3. As can be seen here, there is another version of this song with a much better sounding organ. I'm still not 100% sure there were some actual encoding errors, but the "newer" version sounds much better to me anyway. It even has a real ending Here is the direct link to the new version
  4. Even if there's nothing to be done, a word from someone responsible for things like this would be nice. I'm going to post in the mix' thread now.
  5. Although I can't say for sure that there were some technical errors involved, from what I understood players other than FastTracker (which I believe Memblers referred to as FT2) had difficulties playing the song, most notably in the pitch-shifting. So maybe after all it's only the playback and not the notes which changed. I just think if that was the problem maybe something should be done about this, even if it would only be a mention on the remix's site. I will post a comment on the track with a link to the other song if nothing else happens.
  6. I have been talking to Memblers lately (the creator of OC ReMix 87 'Grim Reaper'). What I didn't notice before and realized after talking to him is that the song here on the website is faulty. I'm not sure this has always been that way and I know the song is really old. But since it obviously survived multiple lockdowns I think it has the right to be taken care of By reading the comments on this song one can cleary see nearly everybody has a problem with the organ in the song which sounds absolutely different in the song encoded by Memblers. Here's what Memblers told me about this: So please listen (maybe again) to the song on OC ReMix and how Memblers intended it to be. Please consider afterwards if something should be done about this or not.Maybe some of you think it's stupid of me to talk about something that old, but somehow I felt it had to be said Thanks for your attention.
  7. I definitely gotta check out SlayerII @topic: As I like the theme-part most you could make the strings a bit louder so that the underscoring effect is more noticeable (I'm thinking of the first time when the theme begins). btw: I listen to this mix very often now - can't understand why noone else posts here...
  8. Wow. After hearing this (relatively short) remix I feel so small ^^ I'm just trying to make my own music/remix, but now I've lost self-confidence But one thing could be changed: the organ was really cool but it should play a bit longer instead of being replaced by the guitar.
  9. Although I'm more of a beginner with music-creation I find that your remix has some very cool parts. It's like the original one where the best part is where the Oblivion/Morrowind-theme begins. The rest is a bit "lifeless". I like the strings and the guitar in the theme-parts very much. This reminds me of Nightwish somehow ^^ I write this while hearing your song and I like the part where the theme begins for the first time more and more... As I try^^ to make my own music/remix I would like to know what guitar you were using. It sounds very cool. Especially with the strings behind...
  10. @Snake101 Look at the decription of the remix: http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR01180 i'm not feeling too good, about this one, some kind of surreal expression, surrealist expressionistic? whatever. moving on, 960 galactic alphabet, 960 galactic alphabet! are you here? please! thank you. @analoq I think the opinions are clear: You will have to remix another Keen song, as Romero suggested! PLEASE! :D [even if you have to be sick again LOL]
  11. As I first listened to it I thought it would be silly, but the more often I listened to it I heard how good this song is. This is very nostalgic and reminds me of Commander Keen, although I'm still able to play it via DosBox. Please do more remixes of this! But perhaps you can leave the voices out next time btw: Perhaps I'll try to program a "Commander Keen" myself one day. And then, who knows, some good music would be great . Although your music isn't good for ambient, but for hearing outside because it has solos and so on. But keep on working on this!
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