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Need help finding a price for my Wii and games.


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As stated above, I need help trying to estimate a price for my Wii and stuff so I can sell it on eBay.

The Wii is in perfect working condition and has never had any problems. I bought it on release day too. (4th in line :P)

Here is the complete bundle:

- Wii with the original box and manuals.

- HD component and reg definition cables.

- 4 Wiimotes with their original condoms :P

- 2 Ninchucks

- 2 Classic controlers.

- 3 GC controllers (2 wired and a wavebird)

- Games:

+ LoZ:TP

+ Boomblox 2

+ Geometry Wars: Galaxies

+ Metroid Prime Trilogy

+ GH:WT with the Microphone

+ GH:III with the guitar


+ SM Galaxy 2

+ WiiSports

+ and an SD card with at least 15 games (will update which games as soon as I connect the Wii :P)

+ Opera Broswer

Could I get an estimate from any of the super knowledgeable people of this community?

Thx in advance.

Oh and if someone wants to buy this bundle, just PM me.

I just have no idea how much to charge for all this :P

EDIT: I could also include my GC games, I just dont know if I should sell them separately or not.

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