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Hollidayrain's new Gimbal EP!

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What's up guys?

Remember me? I had my Kirby's Block Ball remix posted earlier this year! :D

I just wanted to let you guys know that my new 4-track EP 'Gimbal' was just released through SGX's Protagonist Records, which has also released albums from artists you all know like zircon (!!!), SGX, Siamey, SoleSignal (former known as Audix), Malcos and Flickerfall (Palpable produces that one). I'm super excited to be associated so directly to such an amazingly talented group of people, and I hope you all will enjoy my work!

Here are the links:

This EP is great for people who like to DJ/spin/mix music too, because the three main tracks are all fully extended, making it an absolute breeze to throw in a set.

Yaw is a solid progressive trance/house tune with a nice bassline, orchestral break and Indian vocals to complement.

Pitch is an electro-house BANGER with a MASSIVE bassline, and middle-eastern sounding tune.

Roll is a high energy progressive trance tune that's amazing for driving and high energy sets.

And finally, Star Gaze is the outlier in this album as it is an extremely chilled, downtempo melodic track with a hip hop beat.

So anyhow, there it is! I always welcome feedback too, so feel free! And most importantly, keep supporting OCR artists :).

Thanks guys!

-H.R (

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