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  1. I have the same number of tracks on Beatport as I do on OCR: 1. haha! Here it is though: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/312067/Symphtronica
  2. That's crazy innit?????

  3. What's up guys? Remember me? I had my Kirby's Block Ball remix posted earlier this year! I just wanted to let you guys know that my new 4-track EP 'Gimbal' was just released through SGX's Protagonist Records, which has also released albums from artists you all know like zircon (!!!), SGX, Siamey, SoleSignal (former known as Audix), Malcos and Flickerfall (Palpable produces that one). I'm super excited to be associated so directly to such an amazingly talented group of people, and I hope you all will enjoy my work! Here are the links: http://hollidayrain.protagonistrecords.net/album/gimbal http://soundcloud.com/hollidayrain/sets/gimbal This EP is great for people who like to DJ/spin/mix music too, because the three main tracks are all fully extended, making it an absolute breeze to throw in a set. Yaw is a solid progressive trance/house tune with a nice bassline, orchestral break and Indian vocals to complement. Pitch is an electro-house BANGER with a MASSIVE bassline, and middle-eastern sounding tune. Roll is a high energy progressive trance tune that's amazing for driving and high energy sets. And finally, Star Gaze is the outlier in this album as it is an extremely chilled, downtempo melodic track with a hip hop beat. So anyhow, there it is! I always welcome feedback too, so feel free! And most importantly, keep supporting OCR artists . Thanks guys! -H.R (http://www.facebook.com/hollidayrainmusic)
  4. (And it has my remix on it ) http://soundcloud.com/hollidayrain/sgx-and-all-that-between-hollidayrain-remix WOOOOOHOOOOO GO SGXXXXXXXX!
  5. Reminds me of Mat Zo, who in my opinion is currently the most innovative producer in dance music. Love the drop at 0:29.
  6. As a Hindu, gotta say, this is pretty dope. This sounds like something that could have easily become goa trance! I love the middle, tabla sounds great.
  7. LOVE this melody, great uplifting track for sure!
  8. Martin, thank you buddy, I take that as a compliment! I was definitely going for 'listening' style trance than raving-style. As long as the production wasn't too bad .
  9. JUNO REACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this track zircon.....damnnnn nice.
  10. Bahamut, good call mang. Definitely not the best EQ work, at all. It seems like when I made this almost a year ago, I didn't bother checking my master parametric....seems like it's missing an entire band at points. Oh well, at least you're not a judge, otherwise I might've taken the axe .
  11. It's only fitting that bLiNd's new track gets posted directly after my first since he's the artist that really got me hooked on this website/electronic music! I've been listening to this one for a while since it was on his myspace; unreal stuff. Another instance of the source tune being so unfamiliar that this seems like an awesome original track, haha. The 6/8-ness and the unique chord progression really stand out to me in this one. The whole thing feels like incredibly well produced 1980s synth-pop but nevertheless retains the bLiNd trance feel. I LOVE it!
  12. I lol'd at this quote. We've won over 90 games in 2 of the last three years including a World Series appearance....and many experts have picked us to win the NL West and even the World Series this year. Times have changed man, the Rox are LEGIT. In case you need your memory jogged: -H.R
  13. Andrew, you are insane man. This track is crazy...that's the easiest way I can put it. This is dirrrtyyyy....wowwwww. I swear man, this is why I love this site. The only videogame that I play these days is Mario Kart, but the quality of music that comes out here transcends the games themselves for me. And this is another example of it: never played TF2 (hate on me if you'd like...haha), but I still love this remix! By the way, I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to Zebra2 through all of your youtube music tutorials....invested in it over winter break and it is currently my favorite VST, easily.
  14. Didn't know that, that's good to know. Franklin Morales got called for that several times during the stretch run in the 2007 season and playoffs because he went to the mouth will still on the mound. Now he has to be extra careful, especially considering that he's our replacement closer.
  15. Go rockies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I'VE GOTTA FEVA, and the only prescription...IZ MOAR SYDECHAIN! lol The bass at the beginning it sick; it reminds me a lot of a local band from here called Savoy. Overall, aside from the fact that I blatantly recognized the percussion loop that comes in at 0:20, which is always a downer, this is some victorious ish. We're finally seein' a growing number of house-y submissions here on OCRemix...good trend imo. Keep it up mayne!
  17. I'm proud to say that I had a hand in this ReMix turning out as awesome as it is....saw it in the WIP forums around the same time that I was working on my Kirby's Block Ball remix and I thought it was awesome (and needed to some tweeking). Expect to see more of this dude's music, this is just the beginning.... Great track Mike!
  18. Sample library sounds phenomenal. I can understand where the criticism of the lead synth comes from; there are times when it's a bit chipp-ish, but it's DEFINITELY not as bad as some of these people are saying. At all. Awesome stuff Zirc
  19. Awesome; Willrock strikes again. I enjoyed Juunen Hayaindayou a little more, but this was awesome too.
  20. Some interesting synth/chippy stylings with some orchestral n' stuff, me gusta fo sho!
  21. Aside from a kickass mix, this whole story is just amazing....gotta love OCRemix!
  22. Ah yes, good ol' Phrakture. If you people haven't heard of this guy, you've been missing out hardcore. In my opinion, this kid could very well be the BT of the next generation (the dude is like 15 years old or somethin!!!!). I've never heard the source so I'm just listening to this objectively; man, this track's got some tight breaks, great ambiance, great synth work, and a pristine production. It's like zircon meets Hybrid or somethin! RGreat job man, and to the rest of you, make sure you look for more of his works on Youtube 'n Beatport...
  23. AMAZING! DIGI-E IS BACK! I've been looking forward to this posting since I saw it on the 'To Be Judged' list, lol. Fantastic track!!!
  24. WOWWWW THIS IS AMAZING!!!! A few of the last posts were fairly disappointing, but this....wow. I LOVE drum 'n bass, but even if I didn't, I'd be trippin about this. GREAT job Ekaj!
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