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The Guardian Legend: Naju Overture (cont.) Remix

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Russel Cox's Naju Overture for the game The Guardian Legend i felt was a really great remix and fit the feeling you get while playing the game very well. But, where's the rest? A friend of mine had this to say:

[An overture]... "is ment to set a mood and build up towards the end and then lead into the primary song. but there is none. So its sorta like foreplay without the sex afterwards, a bit frustrating."

I thought that was a funny way to put it, hehe. But yeah, being that that is an overture, i thought it would be awesome if the set was continued in the same format. Maybe an album collab, if Mr. Cox would want to? I know i haven't seen any works by him, but maybe having help would be enough to coax him to take another stab at remixing? He definitely knows what he's doing and does a good job, so it may just be he has other things to do..

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