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  1. I read in another thread about some missing tracks because of them being apart of albums. Does this also apply to the track numbers of the files? In the torrent, it says tracks 1 - 3000, but there are only 1898 files. Are the album tracks temporarily part of the numbered tracks and then taken off after a time? If this is the case, why not leave the albums as separate entities in the first place? Maybe have those that are judged like individual remixes be on it's own page about the album itself and advertise the albums and the judged tracks so they aren't forgotten by those that m
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmInm2s2LH8 around 5:00, buddy. = ) the Mach Rider theme is cool orchestrated too!
  3. FFFFFF... i didn't notice the secound link was not for the 8-bit fan version of the tune. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PpC0kkJyvs&NR=1 there seems to be an error in it tho.
  4. Zye

    Mega Man 7

    ah..i guess i should have looked to see if this was still here before i posted my thread. ah well.
  5. out of all the mega man songs that are getting lyrics put in them, i feel this tune should be the one that deserves such treatment the most. It just has an epic feel, to me at least, a 'doomed to continue' kind of feeling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_h8pnu-olE i got this link because you're able to put it in 480p. here's the 8-bit version, because sometimes less is more. = )
  6. I was thinking perhaps an album could be consisted of music from the Wily Castles. There's quite a few Wily stages that's never been remixed, besides the all too much remixed one in MM2, and that would be a interesting change of pace. Or heck, maybe the less known music from the gameboy games, there _are_ some good ones from those. = ] (honestly i wish the one with all the planet bosses would be remade somehow, that one was really good!) ...Command Mission is still there too ya know, guys.. >.>
  7. A friend and i were wondering, during the refrain, is there any alterations to the vocals? or just the vocalist singing in different keys played at the same time? Great remix btw.
  8. Russel Cox's Naju Overture for the game The Guardian Legend i felt was a really great remix and fit the feeling you get while playing the game very well. But, where's the rest? A friend of mine had this to say: [An overture]... "is ment to set a mood and build up towards the end and then lead into the primary song. but there is none. So its sorta like foreplay without the sex afterwards, a bit frustrating." I thought that was a funny way to put it, hehe. But yeah, being that that is an overture, i thought it would be awesome if the set was continued in the same format. Maybe an album col
  9. ah, alright. i figured, heh. I tried to ask this years ago when it came out, but it probably wasn't as well liked back then as it is now.
  10. I..er..i don't know what that means exactly, if that's a positive statement or trying to make me paranoid i put a link where the OST is o-o
  11. I would like to see something from CM remixed..I've always felt this game wasn't as loved as it should have been. Here's some of the better tunes from it. (I put * to the ones that the better ones of the list) If you want a laugh, look up Axl's theme, it's horrible = ( I'm getting all of these from the channel TheOSTation on youtube, so here's that if you just want to look up the songs yourself: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOSTation they are recorded a bit too loud though. if you must, go here to dl them, i don't know another streaming place to hear them: http://www.themmnetwork.com/wi
  12. I like this remix a lot, I just dislike when the song goes from one tune to the other, too much going on for me. But this guy really captured what the game supposed to have sounded like, rather than messing with the scores too much. That's what I try to look for in these remixes. = ) There was one song that I thought should be in this one though, Flame Mammoth's stage....
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