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The Age of Chaos: A Warcraft 1 Arrangement Album. < Playing the waiting game >


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A few months back I stopped pushing those involved to get WIPs done and other projects began to take up my time. (Such as doing art and scripts for our flash series) Not to mention people have other priorities. Also around the same time, several people dropped out of the project.

I was considering just dropping the album quietly, but the remaining members still had in a intrest in completing their tracks. So once some progress is made down the road, I can focus on getting it filled up again!

I have some solid WIPs in, but several people have told me they were having a hard time adapting the old music. I've also lost contact with some of the members. So tracks that are taken might be open once more... I dunno yet! If anyone is interested in taking up a spot, just let me know!

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