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  1. Oh my goodness is it happening? Is the end in sight????
  2. Hello! Me and my friends are making a animated web series called "Wonders of the Universe" and I thought you guys might enjoy it. It's a sci-fi comedy set on a cruise ship ...in space. He're s a link to the playlist: We're in the process of making Episode 5, hopefully it'll be out soon! Enjoy!
  3. I love writing lyrics to... but admittedly nothing lately has inspired me to do so. If anyone wants do a anything lyrical, i would love to collab with that process.
  4. Does the image have to be 100% complete to be submitted? My friend has a busy work schedule this weekend, and he's in the process of coloring a complex picture... but he doesn't know if he can finish it by Monday.
  5. Do you guys have a logo designed? My buddy was live streaming himself drawing his cover last night and we weren't sure what to do about a logo. I really want to show off the progress so far... but since this is a contest I don't know if I should!
  6. I've been passing this thread around to some of my artist friends, to see if any of them are interested. I'll follow up with them!
  7. I think I'll be revising the premise slightly after some back and forth with Argle: Having each track be a melody or prominently feature more than one song will be optional. It would be great if it featured elements from other tracks, but it may not always be the best fit to do so. For example! The Lavos Battle Themes all work well together, but someone like Lucca doesn't have as many musical themes to work with... But maybe you'll be able to work with Gato's music and put it in there for a bit. A character like Frog could probably be in the middle somewhere, as much of the music around him compliment each other. But the character's main theme is always the focus! Since this will only have a handful of specialized tracks I'm hesitant about opening it up publicly on this thread right now... but if you feel strongly about an idea you have, please PM me the details and we can discuss it! And remember to check out the track list! They're just examples right now, but maybe it'll get some creative juices flowing.
  8. Me and Argle we're on the same page and made a list of potential songs and styles for each of the tracks. Take a look and see if you have any suggestions, or if you think you can do something cool with it! Remember, the things I list are IDEAS and aren't set in stone. Chrono Trigger Character Album Track List
  9. Is the Citadel Theme from Mass Effect a town theme? It's a space town.
  10. Any tips you learned on the Cid Album would appreciated! BTW, I have my IM and Skype names linked to in my profile. I like to speak with people I work with "face to face" whenever I can. If this interests you, feel free to contact me and we can talk ideas!
  11. Hello! I’ve had this idea for a Chrono Trigger remix album floating in my head for a while. It’s not a standard “Let’s remix the soundtrack” idea, but something I wanted to get an opinion on and see if anyone is interested in it. The Premise! Each track will be based on a character theme from Chrono Trigger. The track could contain elements from other songs related to the character, or be a melody / mashup of several songs! The music should reflect their personality in both the songs used, and the style of the song. For Example (and keep in mind I’m just throwing out random examples): Robo’s track might consist of elements from Robo’s Theme, The Ruined Factory, Dome 16 and be done in a chiptune style because he’s a computer. Or.. Frog could be Frog’s Theme, the Castle Theme, Wind Scene, and could sound like renaissance fair music. There’s 7 party members plus a few other characters I think this could work for. (Making this a fairly short, 7 to 10 track album) There are a couple things I want to gauge from you all though. First and foremost: I’m not super musically inclined. For all I know this premise just won’t work for many of the songs… or at least not for an entire album. I would love to hear some initial thoughts on the premise. Secondly... I think I want a co-director for this one. A couple years ago I attempted running a remix project that fizzled out. I think if I had someone that’s been involved with making music and working on projects it might have gone a little smoother. I still want to organize and give input, but it would be great if someone was there to help me! So there we go! If anyone is interested or have thoughts about the project, talk about it here and we’ll see if enough people are into it. Chrono Trigger Character Album Track List (Examples)
  12. Freya's Theme is one of my favorites from FF9. I'm keeping an eye on this one!
  13. Do you have a high quality logo I can put on the cover?
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