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A Whole Ton o' $#!&


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Well, I've been at it for a few years now and finally got a somewhat decent grasp at what I'm doing, so I have put up a SoundCloud page with a few things. Please let me know what you think! Every track on there so far is very different from the other, I like doing a lot of different things. I'm very open to and appreciate of constructive criticism, and I appreciate anyone who takes time to listen to anything on this page. Thank you!


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Can you be more specific?

Well, on Ash's Quest some of the movements you had didn't seem to produce much of a story when they were added together. Also, it seemed too sequenced, lots of gaps inbetween melodies and it didn't seem to flow well. The melodies themselves were alright but when added together as a song it didn't seem to form much of a direction.

The trance song was good although some parts seemed too drag on a little too long (but it's trance, so go figure.) The rap song started off pretty well, the synths weren't bad but could have been slightly better. The other 2 songs I didn't remember too well, I couldn't find anything wrong with them but I didn't listen all the way through either.

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