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  1. something about it seemed out of sync, but i like the overall idea.
  2. Sorry but I can't stand the interface for FL studio. I know you can customize the background and buttons, but I'm worried I'm stuck with the lame dark grid in the background, is there anyway I can change the color?
  3. I don't get what the big deal is, I can't find anything wrong with it. Although if I were to remix it, I'd add some contrasting overtones after the second repeat.
  4. could someone make a remix so it's more brawlish and less n64-ish? thx
  5. i mean like flashing pictures. different flash rates will produce different alpha waves n stuff. or if the flash rates are irregular it can produce even more emotions. now how do u apply this stuff to music also me and my cousin downloaded a frequency producer one day. we discovered certain frequency intervals that were extremely calming and others that were jarring. so this involves the timbre of an instrument, except the instrument we were using was basically a simple beep (i think you could make it sine or something.) so even though u may have two instruments playing the same note, you can still drastically alter the mood by changing the instruments frequency.
  6. in the pattern editor there are tools, i forgot which one but u can def randomize it. PS. first u have to import it into the pattern editor, perhaps u should make another topic about that...
  7. tl dr. Yeah I guess my musical problems are that my music is mostly good but one thing always throws it off, that I can't quite figure out what. i don't know how to word it exactly, but yeah. a chart of milleseconds of frequencies that produce human emotions based on sequences would be nice.
  8. Yes I know exactly what you mean, sometimes my music sounds off like it just doesn't flow right and I don't know what to do.
  9. hey, I've sent this message to a couple of people, but would you be interested in composing music for a game I'm working on? Click the link in my sig for more info.

  10. Hey, I read a post you made about submitting music for free. I'm making a platform game, and every song you submit that get's accepted, gets 2% of the game profits. If you want more info, click the link in my sig.

  11. maybe the original tracked lagged or something cuz the nes couldn't handle it, idk
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