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Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times, Rock Version

Ivan Hakštok

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on these forums.

Recently I've been doing some work with this tune so tell me what you think:

tindeck link:


youtube link:


I think mixing can be done a bit better but I'm new to all this and I'll need a while to figure some stuff out, but I believe I'll have an improved version soon.

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Well, this is another of my favorite songs, so it only feels right giving a few of my thoughts.

First, the guitar sound seems really unrealistic, especially for the first minute or so, and keeps flipping between a headvoice-like high synth-ish sound and regular. If this were smoothed up like metal songs like to do, I think it could work, but it needs some work first.

The bass sounds kinda mushy too, and doesn't flow into the treble regions at all. The balance doesn't seem to have been fixed up over the whole thing, the synth lead at just past the halfway point seemed kinda buried, and overall, the mixing and EQ needs some work. Exactly how to do that, I am far from the best person to ask, but while parts sound good, some parts don't blend together well.

The guitar solo around the 3 minute mark seemed good though. One other thing I liked overall is the fact that while when people usually remix this song in heavy guitar, they speed it up a lot. You did a good job of keeping it a little bit slower. So take all of this at whatever value you want, but these are my thoughts.

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