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I would have preferred it without the rhythm track. Not saying it's bad, but since the song starts off so nice and mellow, it's a bit distracting once you start to hear the beat at ~0:40. It's almost as if two totally different songs were combined, and that feeling stayed in me throughout the rest of the song. The beat is programmed well enough, but in my opinion it is a little quiet and buzzing anyway. Well, maybe not buzzing, but a bit weird. I would scrap them altogether and maybe add something new and interesting in their place in the rest of the sound scape if needed (=one or two instruments or something).

Also, what's that sample that does this weird pulse-like wave the whole time? Like a soft key, that keeps hitting the same note repeatedly. I think there's too much of that too. I'd try to keep the song as mellow as possible (like in the intro) without any other hassle in the mix. Then it will work as a nice ambient track.

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