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Final Fantasy 7 - Jenova Absolute


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Hi, i work on a remix from ff7. Jenova absolute.

I'm doing an orchestral remix, but like in the movie.

So i would know if you recognize the song?

After, i have some trouble with the timpani.have you some advice?

And I try to make drums like on battle song to make the song more action movie. Maybe for a battle or a pursuit something like int the soudtrack from Banckok dangerous.

You can listen the song here : http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/394526

My mail : Black-Star@live.be (For advices)


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Might help if you pasted the link correctly.

He did. Then he must've removed it because he got no response from here. I listened but I had nothing to say and I guess no one else did either XD I did manage to find something good he did, the Kingdom Hearts Destiny album. Of course, his links to that are also dead...

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