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Some FL Doodles


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These are neither done, but I seem to be bad at transitions, or melodies. Welcome the newb. :mrgreen:

Things like this (something I was working on last night; just synths and drums)


And to hear this one... its been sitting around for a while, with no real idea where to take it. But loops nicely. =P


And yes, if anyone has any hints, I'd be pleased to hear them. No, no formal music theory training, just little bits I've read. ^^;

And a lot of time playing with tunes from game music (more for synth programming, I got a bank for the VST version of Harmless coming up; felt too lazy to convert it to FL's native format)

Also have a couple of original pieces I was doing for a game project that never got off the ground... due to some limitations right now, I can only email them. If anyone's interested, PM me and I'll pass them along.

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