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  1. This was one of my favorite remixes from back in the day, 2002, when the site was blue and we had less than twenty mixes for CT, and everything was just listed by alphabetical order, system sort optional. This, and Kefka Goes West. Beautiful atmospherics and synths, dreamy without ever losing a hook. I hope Dale North comes back to extend this one. =)
  2. I remember way back on the forums, before it was submitted for judging. Way awesome then, still way awesome now.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't like this so much. The melody was all the much sameish, the instruments not really moving the piece forward so much as sounding pretty, but boring, and the voices don't really grip me either. The work just fell flat on me, and think this could have turned out better. More emotion, maybe. ETA: And for someone who asked, the source: http://www.tylatin.org/extras/cb16.html I do love the Carmina Burana and opera, so I hope something like this gets attempted again. But this needed work, in my opinion. ETA 2: To be slightly nitpicky, the topic and OCR page have Omnia mispelled. FYI =P
  4. This isn't a huge update, I'll admit it. I've been making tons of tiny changes, taking some of the ideas in mind (I've least notably tried to give the strings different velocities, most notably, I attempted a transition, changed the drums, and tried to make the synth less obnoxious Also, changed the vibes and gave them some standard, stereo panning. Now I know the track is too quiet to the kick drum... argh! XD) I've been trying, though. This is around 13 saves ahead of my last post XD Essentially, the structure is the same while I figure things out. http://soundcloud.com/asuyuka/vnrm2-16/s-ewIdc
  5. Yeah, I'm guilty of using FL's default (Old) drum. They've seemed to have changed it to a default (New) drum as of 10, though. I think I might also change the structure after around 40 seconds, it's bugging me. I think I'm changing it too quickly. Any hints for transitions (or makign them), is helpful. I'm horrid at it XD Thanks for the critic, though. The synth thingie is Nitrous PM+ with FL LovePhilter. Still working out the logistics in it. =P As for being stuck? I'm listening to some Apop (Welcome to Earth, Eclipse) right now, to see if I can get some ideas off of it. Or VNV Nation's remix of Kathy's Song.
  6. http://soundcloud.com/asuyuka/vnrm2-3-wip/s-Faea4 Just posting for the criticism. Track is rough and incomplete (production hasn't really been completed yet, and some of the elements aren't completely mastered), plus I'm still working on the structure of the song. I'm posting also because I'm stumped and need an idea where to take this. Thanks for the time. =)
  7. Agree on the Sonata Arctica. I was looking for Tony Kakko's belting. Though, of a differing opinion; the song is okay, but I have a feeling so much could be done to improve it. There is potential, but nothing shines out. The lyrics are gorgeous, the composition is alright, and the singers are good, but it still lends me to wanting something. Vocals maybe a little dry, and the synth and voice at the beginning just doesn't seem to mesh well. That, and the vocal comes out way too quiet to be heard through my monitors. I hope I'm being helpful. ETA: The more I listen, the more I like it. I still think a bit more work on the vocals would be good, though.
  8. I'm having a lot of fun with this. Yes, I know its a limited little brother to the full library, but I've got some nice sketches since I got it yesterday. Think I'll post a few later, for critique. =)
  9. Mana Khemia 2. I hate to sound like they changed it and now it sucks, but... well, I still haven't gotten used to the changes. Or Baten Kaitos Origins, to me. I never did get the hang of the new card system, and this makes me sad.
  10. This is courtesy of KVR, I just thought if anyone wanted an orchestral library cheap, they can get it right now, courtesy of IK, for 15 dollars. Yes, its legit; IK handles the actual serial number and downloads. http://www.audiomidi.com/Miroslav-Philharmonik-Classik-Edition-No-Brainer-Deal-P15655C339.aspx Sorry if I sound like a spam bot, but I just wanted to share this.
  11. I can't wait to see these. I might consider one, if I can get the time to do it. (I would have a remix in mind, but meh I'm not exactly confident in my skills)
  12. Eh, if anyone has any suggestions? ^^;
  13. I'm going to say: For one, the bass could be made by something like TAL Elek7ro or TAL Bass, or a Moog Taurus clone. You can find many of those for free. With FL Studio, for quick and easy, just send it through the Chopper or Arpeggio tools, or the rhythm maker in version 9. The guitars would be easy, using the Clean Guitar Library sf2 (no lonk to provide right now) and FreeAmp or Hardcore. Depends on your version. The reverb could be most anything, but something digital. Default FL drums could work, too. (And if you've ever heard Un-gravitify, song I LOVE)
  14. These are neither done, but I seem to be bad at transitions, or melodies. Welcome the newb. Things like this (something I was working on last night; just synths and drums) http://soundcloud.com/asuyuka/sync1a-3test-3/s-alcsG And to hear this one... its been sitting around for a while, with no real idea where to take it. But loops nicely. =P http://soundcloud.com/asuyuka/song1g/s-ZoZGd And yes, if anyone has any hints, I'd be pleased to hear them. No, no formal music theory training, just little bits I've read. ^^; And a lot of time playing with tunes from game music (more for synth programming, I got a bank for the VST version of Harmless coming up; felt too lazy to convert it to FL's native format) Also have a couple of original pieces I was doing for a game project that never got off the ground... due to some limitations right now, I can only email them. If anyone's interested, PM me and I'll pass them along.
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