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The Swing of The Forest


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Nice bassline, it's pretty bumpin' and I like the chords. I have to say that unfortunately it doesn't really swing. If you added a dotted eighth note/sixteenth note motif to the ride cymbal/hihat it would sound awesome, and more like swing. Right now the pulse is straight sixteenth notes and it makes it sound odd and kind of uncomfortable for the instrumentation. That's just my interpretation, but I do like the mood of it a lot!

Really the rhythmic caveat is my only criticism, aside from maybe the thin score, although you did specify "light" jazz which would make the thin score perfectly appropriate. If you don't know rhythmic music theory I have a swing piece on Soundcloud so you could hear what I'm talking about in that. Musical concepts so often are easier to show through music than to explain with words.

So, I'm answering both your hopes: I like it, and I criticized it. :P

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This track is one of my favorites from the seasons game. I would remember playing the game and heading to the Tarm Ruins just to hear the music.

You have just the right instruments, but I tend to find the bassline to be just a tad bit repetitive (especially at the end). Also, if you can, try to add some variety to the tunes of the other instruments (the sax, imo, is just perfect).

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