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    I am a video game soundtrack composer and music student. I have a lot of experience with classical instrumentation, modern instrumentation, music theory, arranging, original composition, sound production and generally all things involved with making a soundtrack. I do not have Fruity Loops nor do I use drum sequencers, I record everything the "old fashioned way" with keyboard based synthesizers. If you are skeptical of the quality in such methods: The proof is in the pudding. Check out my arrangements and compositions at www.soundcloud.com/andy-frank.

    I've composed more than 200 tracks for video game soundtracks, and I am always looking for another video game to work on, so if you are making a game, contact me and I will make you a soundtrack of any style. If unsure of my proficiency, give me a test track to make, by sending a description of the thematic material and I will make one for you as an "audition."
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  1. I've liked his page, symbolizing a like I've liked since I'd ever liked anything... Except oxygen I guess. I liked that before I liked Uematsu, but that's the exception. Count me in for the contest!
  2. Is there someone around here I can talk to for advice regarding that? I mean... This game company is composed of people who'd heard about me from school and approached me. I don't know a darn thing about marketing or job-hunting as a composer. We have a contract but it is pretty lenient, however it's set up so that I don't get any payment until the game's release, which is probably not going to be in time for next month's rent. All this time that I've been focusing on improving my knowledge, aptitude, ear and creativity, I've completely ignored a pretty important aspect of the job... I feel I have great things to contribute to the world of VG soundtracks, but I can't make a game soundtrack by relying on people to come and find me. Joining OCRemix was actually my first (and so far only) step towards accessing the online community. What would you do if you were a single composer and looking? For what it's worth, I am planning on going to Pax East so I can meet some people.
  3. Alright I started work on it today; I will try to get you a WiP by sundown. :)

  4. My buddy Louie and I are possibly going to come and stay out of a van or camp. Can't wait to let out all my pent-up enerdgy in style!
  5. You have an orchestra playing an arrangement you made... You are a lucky person. I am very impressed at the amount of work this project must be. Kudos and I can't wait to hear the final performance.
  6. Hmm... You are all saying what my conscience lacks the guts to admit. I think for the most part it has been a "self-education" experience and as much as the programmer talks gloriously about the future with much excitement, I think the group might be leading me on. One reason I've stuck with this project so passionately is because I'm not good at marketing and it's the first (only) project I've ever been hired for... Part of me thinks if I just keep making the soundtrack bigger and better and more substantial, that'll somehow help me get a job for a real indie game company. Y'know what though, I deserve more for my effort! Look out ladies... This composer is back on the market!!* *(however the composer is still morally obligated to continue the contract as requested, but it's a backburner deal)
  7. Hey, I will do the remix of "Helena Prison" for you.

  8. Okay I'm working on a pretty big video game project. Well... Don't let me fool you; by nature it's not that big, but it's an iso-metric RPG project and the people commissioning me only have one animator, one programmer and two story writers. So... That puts me in an uncomfortable place, here's why: Battle themes are finished. I have a battle theme for every conceptualized area in the game. Every boss invented so far has his/her own unique boss theme, with a repeating general "Boss" melodic motif to tie them all together. All of the areas that have even been hinted at have multiple themes: One for day and one for night, and one for "being under siege." All characters have a "character theme" and a "dramatic theme" and I made a flying theme in case anything like an airship or giant owl or whatever is introduced, and I made 12 different "minigame" themes of varying style. Item shops, weapon shops, inns, I made it all over the course of the project. And I check in with them, they tell me "Great work!" and that the game code isn't even out of the Proof of Concept phase. This is why I need your help: If I'm "working on a project" but I'm not actually doing any work, I'm going to lose my mind thinking about it. Can you guys give me ideas for more themes to put in the soundtrack? I would really, really appreciate it. Basically, what else is there in a video game soundtrack? As you can imagine after making that much music for it, I'm very, very loyal to the game because the characters at this point are like my family. The problem is that at the rate we're going the game won't be done for another several years. My brain isn't cutting it as a thinking tool, so I am consulting the greatest game-music community online. Should I... ...Write more music? (With the help of you guys) ...Learn XML coding and help the programmer? ...Find another game project? (Continue this one as required in contract, but find another game to occupy my time so I don't rip my hair out) ...Move to Estonia and start a rare chicken farm? I very much appreciate your advice, because I think the company might not be making it the same level of priority I am. *EDIT* After noticing there is no "delete" button... I realize the "Community" forum would have been the proper place to put this. Sorry for the misplaced post.
  9. Nice bassline, it's pretty bumpin' and I like the chords. I have to say that unfortunately it doesn't really swing. If you added a dotted eighth note/sixteenth note motif to the ride cymbal/hihat it would sound awesome, and more like swing. Right now the pulse is straight sixteenth notes and it makes it sound odd and kind of uncomfortable for the instrumentation. That's just my interpretation, but I do like the mood of it a lot! Really the rhythmic caveat is my only criticism, aside from maybe the thin score, although you did specify "light" jazz which would make the thin score perfectly appropriate. If you don't know rhythmic music theory I have a swing piece on Soundcloud so you could hear what I'm talking about in that. Musical concepts so often are easier to show through music than to explain with words. So, I'm answering both your hopes: I like it, and I criticized it.
  10. ! Thank you so much for that comment, because I was worried my compositional style wouldn't fit in well here. About the Megaman mix, I formally submitted that to be reviewed by judges so I hope they feel the same way you do. I think a grand finale is EXACTLY what it needs, that would so nicely provide a thematic story for the piece: Whimsical beginning, dark middle section, and triumphant ending. I agree also that a volume boost is in order and also I feel the sudden keychange is WAYYY too loud xD. I'll fix that as soon as I can and I'll look into using more convincing instruments. Thank you everyone for your feedback it is very, very helpful.
  11. I appreciate your comments, they are very helpful and thank you for taking the time to listen! Eilios I just want to know exactly what do you mean by "stilted?" I think I might know what you're referring to but I don't think I've heard that word used for music before. Could you elaborate perhaps?
  12. Hmm... I think I agree, the second half isn't a fitting end for it, it requires a recapitulation for certain. Also I should rely less on the main theme. Glad you mentioned that because it didn't even seem like a problem to me until you said something. Thanks a lot for the critique Kuolema!
  13. There's no license rights for chord changes, bass lines, or any one element of music as far as I know. Now onto my comment regarding this piece of music: "YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!" This makes me feel like tapdancing on a piano! Brilliant energy, just brilliant.
  14. I just want to say "Wow! That's really good!" I thought the construction worker guy was really funny and I think the script was very clever. The music was great too and I can't believe how much work all that animating must have been. Congrats on your success and I'll definitely consider helping you, as I'm in a band myself. Is the melody for the song the main theme for the first film? If so that'll be no problem because it's a super easy, catchy and folkey melody.
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