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Long time no see/talk guys :D


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Hey all,

Well I haven't been to this site in like forever, submitted only one remix about 4 years ago only for it to fail in the review and where I said I'd redo it, I got a bit tied up (aka Ristar Remix).

In any case, I thought I'd share a little video here. It's a video compilation of both remixes and originals that I did with just using the little big planet 2 sequencer. Frown yes (whatever >_> lol) but it was excellent practice in manual composition and designing a track with limited samples and limited resources available to me aka the older standards of classic game song composition. So it was great to get the practice in.

Hope you guys like and hope some sound familiar to you all :D


The swing quantizer in the game sucks and "there is" a very asinine way to get sequences in 3/4 time, so Sector 6 is probably my most unfavorable remix, but it didn't turn out too too bad :/ .

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