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Inexpensive to Free Music Licensing?


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I have found myself in a quandary, and I turn to you for aid. So, I do a lot of theatre, and OCReMix has always been my go-to for theatre music. This has been fine in the past, since the shows I was doing was with a non-profit youth theatre festival, and since I never made any money, and the actors never made any money, and all the sales from tickets went to pay off the venue, I was sure that this fit for the site's user agreement. Now, however, I am finally producing a show in which I really, really hope I can actually make money, and I realized, while searching through remixes to fit my show that I could not use any of them.

This leads me to seek your advice and council. Where are some places to find music that I would be able to use in my show that are free or inexpensive?


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