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  1. I would donate more, but I am waiting for clothes to be restocked and then putting my money toward some find and sexy OCR gear. That way, in addition to supporting you fine chaps, all of my friends will know about you whenever I'm not naked!
  2. I donated $36, which seems odd, but I wanted to give you at least $35 of my dollars, and with the exchange rate, it meant that you get a dollar more, because my money is made of magic wonderment or something! So there you go! Thank you for the awesomeness! P.S. When will there be more hoodies in stock? I totally want to buy one. It would be awesome.
  3. I absolutely love this mix. Energetic, expressive, and manic. The voice acting is astounding. The characterization he creates here is wonderful; each voice is unique, descriptive, and masterfully executed. Golbez at the end came as a bit of a surprise, and at first I didn't link the final voice with a different character, despite the fact that it is clearly different from the others in both tone and character. It may be just a matter of the unexpected, since one might go into it thinking that there will only be the four fiends. Fantastic ReMix on the music end of things as well. It blends beautifully with the voice acting/singing and is sufficient in getting my body moving. Really, this fantastic all around. I love it, and I'm happy to see something like this on OCR. Beautiful!
  4. Hello! I have found myself in a quandary, and I turn to you for aid. So, I do a lot of theatre, and OCReMix has always been my go-to for theatre music. This has been fine in the past, since the shows I was doing was with a non-profit youth theatre festival, and since I never made any money, and the actors never made any money, and all the sales from tickets went to pay off the venue, I was sure that this fit for the site's user agreement. Now, however, I am finally producing a show in which I really, really hope I can actually make money, and I realized, while searching through remixes to fit my show that I could not use any of them. This leads me to seek your advice and council. Where are some places to find music that I would be able to use in my show that are free or inexpensive? Thanks.
  5. Bon anniversaire! Félicitations! J'adore OCReMix. Beau travail! Meow.
  6. Regrettably, I haven't given much time to listen to Sonata of the Damned since its release. These mixes are all great. I know very little of the source music for the Castlevania games, but I really want to listen to it now. This one caught me from the top. From the opening I knew I was going to like it, and I wasn't disappointed. It has been so long since I listened to it, it feels like listening for the first time. It's really funky and cool, just listening to what's going on. It's dark and crazy-sounding. I can't really think of what to say in detail, just that it's something really cool to just sit back and listen to.
  7. So I'm not sure how, but the words that come to mind are "light and creepy." It's a fun combination, and one that I would not expect to work together. I also enjoy it feels like an old campy sci-fi film in a lot of it. The earth is being invaded by the funkiest aliens ever. Very enjoyable.
  8. Wow! I want more; far too short. You really created the images well here, I definitely see what you were going for, and it worked beautifully. I like the sway and flow of it, I can almost see Betty in the past dancing at a ball, or just dancing through her room, stumbling about. It's very dark and creepy, but it has a beauty and elegance about it, along with a sort of "kookiness." It also has a certain aged quality about it. Bravo.
  9. I ordered it the day it became available and it just made it up to me in Canadia now. It looks pretty awesome. She included a floral pattern around my address--lovely touch. ^^ I also didn't realize that it came with an autographed poster. That's pretty swell! Time to listen now. *glee!*
  10. The first time I listened to this, I was uninterested. I listened, thought "meh," and then moved on to the next track in the album. A little while later, I returned to this track and immediately wondered what the hell I was thinking. There was plenty of variety, energy, and picked up the melody very nicely. In short, it's a great mix and I think I fell into some strange waking coma when listening to it the first time.
  11. So today, The Escapist posted up the Video Game Genre Wheel, a tool for better defining video game genres. So now shooters, brawlers, and fighting games can all be classified as "Action Conflict" games. Do you think that this sort of system could help clarify genre (so that everything that has a gun in it is no longer classified as a shooter), or does it lack specificity, turning genre classification into broad strokes like with personality typing (which, while revealing, doesn't really define anything). Could this same sort of system be applied to music? Genres are broken down into so many sub-genres, could a music wheel be used to reveal similarities in genres previously thought too different to be compatible? (Given this is OCR, I figured I should give the question a musical spin for further discussion). Just curious. The article is here for your enjoyment: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_283/8400-Introducing-The-Escapists-Genre-Wheel
  12. After checking through, I am fairly certain no one mentioned Unexpect. They do a lot of stuff that I would normally dislike in metal or music in general, but something about the cacophony of sound and utter madness draws me to their stuff. Though I've only really listened to their latest album. Here's my favourite song by Unexpect:
  13. I didn't know about this remix until I looked at the reviews board. I figured I'd give it a listen, since the title was awesome. The mix lived up to my expectations (which I don't think means much, since I didn't have any, but it lives up to the title). I love how the guitar and drums work together in the piece. I also like how the piece moves around; it feels like the sort of rock piece that can grow stagnant, but it keeps changing up while returning to the key moments. Very cool.
  14. It's a cool piece. I like the build at the top. I really enjoy just having this on in the background when I'm working on something. It's not too invasive, and it's fun to have around.
  15. A very sweet groove. It got my toes tapping. I really love the source tune, and it's really cool to hear such a different take on it. Although, I think it should have been made a little more latin or something of the like. Not because of style, but because I'm cold and could use some warmer music than ice levels. ^_~ That aside, it's really a good remix. Thanks.
  16. Wow. This is stunning. Emotional and soft. Very sweet and calming.
  17. Very nice! Solid piece of rockin' awesome! I love the opening. You think, "Woah, this gonna be awesome! Oh my! It is! Niiice!" And then the air guitar gets broken out and you flail around all over the place, playing that wicked solo with your teeth. Or was that just me?
  18. This song is so much fun and so energetic. I was having a crappy morning, and this brought me to a much more pleasant place. I feel like I'm at some fun Latin disco inhabited by vampires. Starting at 1:48 I really start to fall in love with this. I also love the variety. It doesn't stay in one place for too long. Spectacular mix.
  19. I love this mix so much, you have no idea. It's so much fun and so wacky. I love every moment of it. I tried convincing a friend of mine to fit it into a play he was doing for a youth theatre festival, just because it's so much fun. The whistling and vocals around 2:14-2:40 make for my favourite part of the piece.
  20. The trick is writing thoughtful reviews. I could gush about how awesome everything is until the cows come home. I need to actually think of good things to say. Like how awesome everything is! Yeah, that's it.
  21. There is so much awesome in the mix, I don't know how it was all fit in. A great piece of metal. Love it.
  22. This song is so amazingly kickass. I don't know what else to say. God that's good.
  23. As I'm going through and reviewing as many tracks as possible for December, I'm finding a bunch of Nutritious' stuff to be not reviewed very much. Why? It's all so awesome. It's always consistently good, solid work; great to listen to, fantastic mixes. This is no exception. I love the blending of electronic and orchestral elements. Great mix.
  24. Cute, fun, bouncy, a great party song! I put this song in my wedding playlist, so everyone at my wedding got to boogie down to OA and DKC2. This song is a lot of fun.
  25. This one feels mysterious yet playful to me, which works so well. Nice song to groove to and move to. It leaves some great imagery.
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