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wip Gaiares (Sega Genesis) Song (RARE?!)

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Hey guys, I recovered my HDD recently and found my remix (conservative) of a Gaiares song from the Sega Genesis/Megadrive I must have made this about 2-3 years ago and my God! only 2 songs on OCRemix!! 2!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it has a few extra touches in it to keep it slightly alive lol, I think this game had some AWESOME music! I wish more people played the game

Enjoy it and please check out my other songs on my channel :) thanks guys, awesome site!!:sleepdepriv:

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So I decided to give this a listen cuz I didn't want to see a 0 reply float away. :P The source for this is "Mission 4" for anyone else who doesn't know the source.

First off, I do like this as an enhancement of the original. It's a nice listen and very true to the source. however that's the main problem, it's way too conservative. For it to truly be a remix there's probably gonna have to be a little more in the risk-taking department. (That means a lot coming from me trust me :P) Slow down some spots, speed up some spots, throw in some fun filters or effects, etc. Do more with the melody lines rather than just copy them. Also, I like that you took the tempo slower but it loses some of the energy of the original so you have to make up for that with style :)

The main glaring problem to me is the drums. They sound nice but they don't change throughout the entire song. Mix it up a little.

I really like the transition at 0:11 - 0:12 but that piano sample also gets old quick in the mix. Maybe switch the piano sample with a bass synth or another sample at that transition or another.

The last big thing is that guitar..ish sound at 1:46, that's gotta be changed, it just sounds out of place and is a bit too quiet to be a lead sound. And there was that sweet sounding stuff happening right before it that it's kind of a let down when that sound comes in.

Anyways those are my two cents, take my advice with a grain of salt cuz I'm nowhere near expert-level. Hope this mix turns out awesome :D

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