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Final Fantasy MQ: Dark King- Ashura's Riddle


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This is my first remix post and probably my 3rd song attempted at a remix.

The source:


The Mix:


Things to do.

1. Write a base/rythem guitar part which is obviously missing from the mix. This has been the most problematic because I'm a baddie and can't make the sound I want.

2. Write the 2nd solo for the lead where this mix ends.

3. Extend the orchestra to fit the solo.

4. Conclude the mix with something that I'm probably not talented enough to do.

5. Make better drums. The ones in the mix are pretty much bad and are straight from the orginal.

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In my opinion, the first thing that should be on your TO DO list is the arrangement. As it is now, it sounds pretty empty to me, and is almost 100% conservative.

You should try to mess around with the structure of the song, alter the melodies, add some stuff, etc. Explore the source and find your own interpretations of it.

I'm no pro, but I'm pretty sure that's what you should do first. ;)

Keep at it, and you might just get something great! :)

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I totally agree that it's really empty. I'd say about 75% of the song comes from the melody I don't have and that's the base/distortion guitar. The creative arrangement starts at the point the current song ends too and that doesn't help give a first impression that this will be anything other than a "cover".

As long as people aren't posting "OMG delete this now and never post anything like this again" I suppose I can keep plugging.

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