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CHIPAMP: NSF (NES music) support

Jax Mandrake

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I recently started a personal audio conversion project, and have run across a minor irritation concerning .nsf files played through Winamp (as you may have guessed, I added Chipamp to it).

When the nsf switches from one track to another, the new track begins with a fade-in effect. I have looked at all the options I can see, and I can't see anything that will help reduce or (preferably) eliminate the fade-in.

Can anybody help with this?

BTW I did a search for help on this matter on the forums and couldn't find it, so if I have accidentally repeated this question, my apologies.

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A solution! Not perfect, but just in case someone else needs to know or I need a reminder I can easily access, here's what to do:

Configure NEZplug and set the option DisableNSFSupport=0 and save.

No fade-in, but now the time for every track is set to 5:05 with the last five seconds fading out, and I don't see how to change the length of the track, if I can change it at all.

Oh well, at least this is progress. Thanks Late Mistakes for your input.

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The fade-in may have been that there were 2 plugins trying to vie for dominance. However I can't be sure since I use Foobar2000 with Game Emu Player plugin.

For normal NSF files (non split) normally the format does not give track times to each individual track and just uses a basic number, with the NSFE format it will add labeling, track times, fades, etc.

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