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SoundBoard-original songs


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Hello everyone.. we're SoundBoard, just a few guys making some original music that we'd like to have in video games some day. Check out our newest song "Ride" at myspace.com/soundboardproject

We would love to know what kind of game/genre you think may fit any song of ours you may listen to, and even better yet, where specifically in the game you would see it.

Thanks! :)

edit: Figured I'd give a few captions for the songs on our myspace

Justify: A rock anthem made to pump you up, so whatever game that would go in, fighting game maybe?

End All Be All: Heavily inspired as an epic RPG boss battle theme. The repetition pulls from classic rpg themes while the ending is made for the end of the boss fight.

Victory of Ness: A fun little theme inspired for Ness' return!

Seas of Change: Originally thought to be the menu music for an RPG game

Ride: Our newest song!

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