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  1. I really dig it man. Would love to hear it in context when the game is finished as well.
  2. It's cool to see a live performance of a real violin instead of a synth or midi violin. I've never played Uncharted, but this was nice.
  3. Not bad for being in a slump, I expected something to loop for 2 mins . Really though, this track was cool.
  4. I liked it, though the voice that came in at 1:13 seemed out of place or didn't quite sit right. What program do you use for your samples?
  5. Hard to discern between the 2 guitar tracks..it just seems muddy/gritty. Not sure if it's the tone or eq that needs adjusting, though I think if that was cleaned up, it would shine through. A rippin lead would be cool too
  6. cool vibe, but the percussion is too loud in contrast with the guitar imo. Is the plug for your website in every song?
  7. I can definitely see it in a fighting game. "Choose your character!" then bam!.. it comes out with that dirty, hard rock guitar riff and just gets you amped up to play.
  8. I thought it was cool, but it wasn't what I was expecting seeing the title "finalbattleofalltime". I thought I was going to get hit in the face with war drums and string epicness. lol.
  9. Wow, this is solid! I like the guitar tone, and I think everything sounds very punchy and EQd well. Which DAW do you use?
  10. I liked it a lot, and I've never played Mass Effect. So is this your first shot at a cinematic style track?
  11. nice song, and it looks like you guys had fun with the video. Is this the first video you've directed?
  12. Hi everyone, we're SoundBoard. We make original music with the intention of having it in a video game some day. So many cool remixes and original music on OCR..very inspiring!
  13. I like what you have so far. When I'm stumped on the direction of a song I try to revert back to my influence/inspiration for the song and/or ask myself what my expectations are for the song. Do you feel the song needs a breakdown/bridge? Anything in particular as far as where you want to go with it?
  14. This track has potential, maybe add another layer or two to add some variance or alternate the main melody with some new lines. I think it's a little repetitive how it is now.
  15. Remnants of the Day was recorded by a live orchestra? I really like it. Listening to the Soul Calibur inspired song atm..solid.
  16. Sounds sweet dude, also checked out some of your youtube vids and thought the bloody tears cover was really cool!
  17. Love it, I'm always in the mood to listen to a good ambient track
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