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Koopa Road - LGGames Remix

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I had a request from a fan on my site to do this remix, and considering it's a rather likable song, I decided to go for it. I aimed to capture both an atmospheric and dance-beat style in this song and it seems to have turned out alright. Not my best work, but good enough to call it here.

If you have pointers and such, feel free to mention them.

Otherwise, enjoy.

- - -

Song: "Koopa Road"

Game: "Super Mario 64"

Remixed By: Gavin MacLean

Midi Basis By: Daniel Witt

Listen to the remix here!

Download the remix here!

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Seems pretty interesting, and your sounds are cool in general, but there are a few things that I didn't like. Here goes :

First off, the bass line that you bring in at about 0:49 turned me off during the whole mix, because it didn't follow the chord changes. It sounded off to me most of the time.

Also, I think the intro is too repetitive to be so long. As it is, I can't really enjoy the progression.

Your melody feels pretty mechanical, and is extremely conservative. I think you should mess around with it some more.

I'm not the best reference, but I hope this helps :)

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