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  1. A remix of an original song, "Shadow Of The Eclispe" (The Lord Gavin Theme Song) was originally done as song for one of my games and was made into six variations for that game too. The song was based off of melody structures reflective of olden-day games and turned out rather good for its purposes in the game. I spent some time a while ago making my own adaptation of the theme and I think it turned out alright. I didn't really have any idea where I was going with this song, so I tried experimenting with a lot of different composition elements to try and achieve something different then from what I normally did. I think I succeeded, to some degree. I'll certainly try my hand at this song again later. It was my first original composition really, so I certainly have more to learn still in terms of this sort of work. Anyway, that's about everything I need to say. Have fun and enjoy. - - - Song: "Lord Gavin's Theme" (Shadow Of The Eclipse) Game: "The Angry Video Game Nerd: Game Over 2" Remixed By: Gavin MacLean Download the remix here!
  2. Been a while since I was here. Anyway, I finished this remix earlier tonight (don't know why I'm still up either) and felt I might as well drop it off over here for any of you to enjoy. I my regards, it's a fun remix. I like it and I accomplished learning/experimenting with what I wanted to achieve in this song. Hopefully, you all like it as well. With that said, enjoy. - - - Song: "Ganondorf's Theme" Game: "Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time" Remix By: Gavin MacLean Midi Basis By: Sirius Download the remix here!
  3. Recently got a request from a fan asking me to make a remix for their fan game. Having been able to succeed in actually making the remix (A.K.A. Having the time and having relatively good luck with, what I expected to be, a hard song to remix), I handed him over this and he was more then happy with it. Personally, I think it's pretty fair remix. The "Thunderbird's Battle Theme" is a really hard song to build from, considering the original song has only 2 instruments and is a loop under 10 seconds long. Still, as I said, I'm happy with how this came out. Comments and critiques of the song are welcome, of course. Above all, enjoy. - - - Song: "Thunderbird Battle Theme" Game: "Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link" Remix By: Gavin MacLean Midi Basis By: John Faraone Request For: YoSniper Download the remix here!
  4. I have no honest idea of what to make of this remix. I mean, I could only find ONE other remix of this song for reference (wasn't very good) and ONE midi for basis (which was so broken, it was almost unusable). I really struggled to come up with this and... well, it's not terrible, but it's nothing too special either. I know there's issues with it and I might return one day to fix it up. As of now, I'm ill-pressed to come up with much better and I'm heading back for third semester schooling today (among other works, per usual for me). Anyway, those are my words. Take the song for what you find it's worth and I hope you enjoy it. Any comments are welcome and encouraged. ... Oh what? It's "Boss Month" on OC Remix? Well that's ironic. Didn't even know. XD - - - Song: "Kraid Battle Theme" Game: "Super Metroid" Remixed By: Gavin MacLean Midi Basis By: JILost Listen To The Remix Here! Download The Remix Here!
  5. Aye, thanks man. You have been of good help to me in the past, so it's nice to know you're willing to be of such aid. You have a good point with limitations/challenges, as I do similar things when designing games sometimes (as in: Lowering the complexity to a basis of older, or more primitive, styles of gameplay). It would make sense such a thing could pass over into music as well. I also completely agree with proper recharge time. As much of a computer junkie I am, everyone needs a proper break. Again, all good points you bring up. Thanks for your words.
  6. I've been a member, and remixer, for a while now (you can find my works under the label "LGGames Remix" here, on my site, and on YouTube). I tend to prefer an electronic/techno/distortion genre and have been working inside that basis since my beginning. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any knowledge basis or reference that can be helpful to me in either speeding and/or improving my works. In that, I'm wanting to find a resource online somewhere that can grant me direction in composing in this genre. I have no direct aspirations to reach OC acceptance level, but simply an interest in improving my skills enough to satisfy a wide audience. If anyone can pass along anything that may be of some use to me, that is most appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps. (P.S. If this doesn't belong here, my mistake. If this can be moved elsewhere to better aid me, please feel free to do so.)
  7. Been gone for a while, but I'm still tinkering with songs here and there. I was originally going for a "Shadow Mario Theme" remix with this one, but it just turned into a normal "Underground Theme". Who's to complain though, it still turned out as a decent remix. As usual, comments and critics are welcome. Above all, enjoy. - - - Song: "Underground Theme" Game: "Super Mario Bros." Remixed By: Gavin MacLean Midi Basis By: (Unknown) Listen to the remix here! Download the remix here!
  8. Aye, and interesting take on the song. Being a fan of mellow music (mainly Celtic variations), this sort of this is something I can enjoy. However, I agree with Strike. The guitar sounds very bad and should be subbed out for another, better sound. Besides that, I can only say that the techno beat that comes in around the time the guitar first does crackles quite a lot and kind of breaks the mellow mood your going for. If you could soften it, or find a better substitute for the sound, I'm sure it would work better. Otherwise, well done. I'd find it hard to do such mellow music right, so good on you for doing it as well as you have.
  9. Alright, but I can't find your song. Could you link the topic to me?

  10. I require a second review from you. :3

  11. Cool. It's nice to see someone put together something so extensive for reference. Luckily, a lot of what you've talked about either makes good sense to me, or I already understood. Whatever it is I'm doing wrong, I should keep doing that. XD Anyway, you really do need to fix the "ppl" abbreviations in your guide. Honestly, just use the word "people" to avoid the situation of someone not knowing what that means and getting confused. Especially when you're talking about other abbreviations, like DAW, having "ppl" thrown in next to it might make others think "ppl" stands for something music related and not a simple word. That also goes for any other such shortenings you've used that aren't necessary.
  12. I had a request from a fan on my site to do this remix, and considering it's a rather likable song, I decided to go for it. I aimed to capture both an atmospheric and dance-beat style in this song and it seems to have turned out alright. Not my best work, but good enough to call it here. If you have pointers and such, feel free to mention them. Otherwise, enjoy. - - - Song: "Koopa Road" Game: "Super Mario 64" Remixed By: Gavin MacLean Midi Basis By: Daniel Witt Listen to the remix here! Download the remix here!
  13. Ah, always did like this song from the "Paper Mario" series... This is no exception. I do enjoy your remix. I don't know why it breaks into "Bloody Tears" at points, but that's nothing I would care about. Later on though... Damn, the song really does stray from the source though, which I'm not fan of. The original arrangement is good though, so that's not a credible complaint. Quality appears to be there. Allow everyone here to nitpick your remix until it's perfect. It's already far better than most "Shadow Queen Theme" remixes I've found online, so with that having been accomplished, in my mind, you have little left to do but polish to everyone's points, if you really want to take the care in that. Simply put: Well done. Downloading this now.
  14. Well, that took a while to get around to. XP Anyway, I've done my improvements and the song's a lot better now. Not sure if I really nailed any high-points for the song, but with the simple, overall improvement, I'm satisfied enough so to call it finished. If anyone can spot any minor fixed that should be attended to, I'll see about them. More in-depth critics are always welcome, of course. Above all, I hope you enjoy it. - - - Song: "Luigi's Mansion Theme" Game: "Luigi's Mansion" Remixed By: Gavin MacLean Midi Basis By: MetalYoshi and Rachel Feltham Listen to the remix here! Download the remix here!
  15. Yes, I agree that the song came out too minimal, which is another reason I believe I should experiment around with different sounds and such. As well, I want there to be segments where the song does get "excited". Any ideas on how to achieve that are welcome. And yes, I am a Reason user, to confirm your suspicions.
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