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I need constructive criticism with my Mix


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Why? Because I want to get better at mixing, and because you guys are awesome when it comes to music.

So I made a CD Mix with OCRemix music.

When criticizing and commenting, keep in mind that I learnt to use Audacity yesterday.

The list of songs is this:

  1. Top Gear 2 Rolling Start by Rayza
  2. Final Doom Quick Fix by DJ Redlight
  3. Street Fighter 2 Club Del Toro by Rayza
  4. GreenHill (Euroclub '95 Mix) by Rayza
  5. Dimstar by Beatdrop
  6. Transformation by ocean
  7. Booster Tarantino by djpretzel
  8. Reel Big Mario by JAXX and Kajin
  9. Altered Beast Resurrection by djpretzel
  10. Street Fighter 2 Guile's Theme (R.A.H. Mix) by Rayza
  11. Mystery Meat (e2m9) by Nousentre
  12. Assembly line Apparitions by Protricity
  13. Memory by DJ MetaZero
  14. KRool Intentions by Protricity
  15. Raiden Gallantry(NobilityOfSpirit) by Rayza
  16. R U Overdrive (Ryu Stage) by AkumajoBelmont and BrainCells



(BTW I call myself DJ Smily (hoping someday I can be one))

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