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Lullaby Music?

Wiggly Squid

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I did the same thing for my son. I'm not going to link everything since there's over 50, but here's my list.

Morning Sunlight (from Chrono Symphonic)

See You Next Time ~WIND~ (from Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors ~I. WIND~)

Theme of Love for Guitar Duet & Evoking the Dawn (from the FF IV project)

Sleepy, My Sephy & Daydreaming Again (from the FF VII project)

Dreams of Valor (from the Kirby - Rise of the Superstar project)

Lullaby for Tohru (Pixietricks, from animeremix)

Quickening, Shattered Dreams, and The Treasure That Must Be Seduced (from the Xenogears project)

Oceanfront View, Sunrise in Mabe, House of Frogs (from the Link's Awakening project)

All the rest are plain OCRemixes

Vampire Spanker

Time's New Scar

Another Fair

To Lost Epochs

Town Life In Piano

Winds of Time

Lanterns (DKC2)

Nirvana (Earthbound)

Back to Towne 9FF 3)

Little Painter Girl

Aeris Lives

MelodiesOfLife Arranged

Rose of April


How Much Longer

The Rose General

City Corner Lullaby

While San d'Oria Sleeps

The Scarlet Halls of Night

Tattered Slippers

Aphrodite Oceanus

Memories of the Sea

This Heart

Reflections (Shenmue)

Solitude in Arlia

Mr. Stork! May I Go Home...

Super Mariocean

Composition in Q

Youthful Bravery

Yggdrasil Speaks to Me

Visions of Kin

Lullaby (Yoshi's Island, by McVaffe)

A Link to the Piano

A Rose for Zelda

Grand Dreams A Heros Legacy

Aquescent Symphony

A Fate Preordained

Eutopia Pegasi

Ancient Hero (Wind Waker)

Symphonic Ballade

Nayru's Love

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