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  1. Been working on this off and on for a long time. Original songs are: Within These Castle Walls Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks! Clockwork Mansion WIP 06/13/13.mp3
  2. Original Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I don't think Faxanadu gets enough love. This remix was inspired by Dan Deacon (Spiderman of the Rings, Bromst) and is intended to mimic his analog-sounding style. Thanks for listening, feedback very welcome.
  4. Updated this, so I figured I'd bump it and give it one last try. Changed a couple of instruments, embellished some of the melodies, did some EQ.
  5. Updated 02-17-12 Originals: CV2 - "Message of Darkness" ReMix: Free MP3 download: Clockwork Mansion 021712.mp3
  6. Hey Draconiator, For some reason this file isn't playing any sound for me on the link or even if I download it.. I tested quite a few other links and mp3s to make sure I wasn't muted or something, so I don't think it's me. Anyone else have the same problem?
  7. Thanks Damarul, glad you like it so far. I just put up an updated version. No major changes arrangement-wise -- mostly instrument changes. If I may, what do you mean by "more"? Anything specific would be great. I hope you weren't wanting it to be longer because it's already very long as it is.
  8. I really like this mix. My only comment would be similar to DaMonz in that the last minute or so is a copy-paste of the earlier part. I think you could just cut the buildup at 3:29. Maybe even cut 3:29 all the way to 3:49ish and just get right to the meat. There are several buildups in the mix and at that point I feel like "oh I heard this buildup earlier." Just a thought. Also take this with a grain of salt.
  9. I listened to this last week but just now posting even though the link doesn't seem to be working. I really like where this mix is going. I kind of liked the "weird" intro for some reason, though I can see why others would have problems with it. Perhaps making it more like the rest of the song (as CJ stated) would help out. I'd also love to hear an extended version of this as well.
  10. So I was thinking of making a lullaby/bedtime playlist for my daughter using OCR tracks. I've already collected about 14 tracks, but just in case I've missed something appropriate, I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Posted a disgustingly rough version of this quite a few months ago. Thanks for listening.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I am pleased you liked the concept. You are right about all the instruments as I haven't touched them at all besides raw midi imports. You especially are correct about the bells. I thought it was a good idea to incorporate a little of the "Carol of the Bells" as it seemed to fit but now that you mention it, the bells need to be way more subtle. I am very pleased with parts of it structure-wise but I want to keep working at other parts. The transition at 0:37 I am not happy with as it doesn't keep any of the feeling of "building up" as the original tune does at tha
  13. Just wanted to get this concept out there. It's really rough at this point.
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