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Hopin' I can get some help/interest

Daniel Rydell

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Background: I recently watched a series of videos put out by a particular Let's Play'er on YouTube in which he went through an answered a bunch of Formspring questions while playing (I believe) Fire and Ice and a particular SMB3 Rom Hack.

A friend of mine thinks it might be fun to try something like this out; the problem being is that I don't have any questions. So, I decided to come to my friends at OCR and see if I could get some assistance.

(Note: I really hope I'm not breaking rules here...)

Basically, I'll answer anything; whether it is serious, fun, or just plain ridiculous. I'll be recording the video with my friend (who will be asking me the questions while I frustrate myself with whatever game I happen to play) on Tuesday (believe it's the 10th of May.)

I don't know if I can get any interest here, but even if you went and asked one question, which would help make (in my mind) my first video a mild success, I'd be super appreciative. Considering I'm pretty much a no-name here, I'd understand if this post just gets brushed to the wayside.

So, anyway, here is a link to my Formspring. http://www.formspring.me/DanielRydell

Like I said, I'd appreciate anything you guys take time to ask and I will definitely make sure the video gets linked here.

-Daniel Rydell

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