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  1. Background: I recently watched a series of videos put out by a particular Let's Play'er on YouTube in which he went through an answered a bunch of Formspring questions while playing (I believe) Fire and Ice and a particular SMB3 Rom Hack. A friend of mine thinks it might be fun to try something like this out; the problem being is that I don't have any questions. So, I decided to come to my friends at OCR and see if I could get some assistance. (Note: I really hope I'm not breaking rules here...) Basically, I'll answer anything; whether it is serious, fun, or just plain ridiculous. I'll be recording the video with my friend (who will be asking me the questions while I frustrate myself with whatever game I happen to play) on Tuesday (believe it's the 10th of May.) I don't know if I can get any interest here, but even if you went and asked one question, which would help make (in my mind) my first video a mild success, I'd be super appreciative. Considering I'm pretty much a no-name here, I'd understand if this post just gets brushed to the wayside. So, anyway, here is a link to my Formspring. http://www.formspring.me/DanielRydell Like I said, I'd appreciate anything you guys take time to ask and I will definitely make sure the video gets linked here. -Daniel Rydell
  2. Between having problems with my internet, as well as my video editor, as well as other unmentioned issues, I wasn't able to get my video uploaded in time. Sorry. Oh well, means I'll have to start putting ideas together for the next competition! Edit: Oh yeah! The entries are pretty rockin' too!
  3. Then you have my song being used. Thanks! Edit: Flash of inspiration, I may also have a bit of Sleep, My Sephy.
  4. Okay, so I decided on Collision from VotL. Is that okay, despite the fact that it's not actually posted on the site? It looks like according to your rules, it is, but I just want to make sure before I put a lot of work into this.
  5. I'm going a bit off track here, but I disagree with your sentiment partly. I do not believe that we are a spoiled generation; I believe that we want more, because we have the ability to have more. Why listen to the radio and hear songs that you dislike and like, when you can throw two earbuds in your ear, or plug in your iPod in your car and listen to all music you like? Mainstream radio still appeals to a group of people, but I'm not sure how long that will continue. I do agree however, listening to the radio does get annoying quickly.
  6. It excites me that they are finally realizing that video game music is a form of creative expression. It has been a long time in coming, but I believe that is has been deserved since the invention of video games themselves. Even back in the 8-bit days, creative tunes were made to symbolize the games that weren't necessarily eye catching. It didn't change the facts of how much work was put into it. Nor does it change the fact that the music itself was memorable in addition to its creativeness. I say "Bravo."
  7. I'll be listening and Seeding in a moment, but from what I've heard from the trailer and the bits I've picked up? It sounds amazing.
  8. I'm in. I'll choose a song in a bit. Edit: Wait. Before I go too crazy here, does it have to be live action, or can it be an AMV?
  9. Wow. I can't believe it's true. All of my hopes and dreams finally accomplished in one superpost.
  10. At risk of sounding like a broken record, if you're there, look for me. I'll be wearing a OCR shirt on Friday, and a Gabe (from Penny Arcade) outfit-thing on Saturday. Hope to see you there!
  11. http://www.shutocon.com/ Anyone headed to it? I'm kind of excited about it; I'll be there.
  12. bump. I've finally gotten F@H on my quad core, and when my mom's computer gets going, I'll run it on there as well. Brings up a curiosity question, since it's been years since I had the opportunity. Can you run multiple computers under one account for F@H and still get credit for both?
  13. Some of the files in the torrent under the FLAC folder are MP3's. Edit: You know that. My bad; don't listen to me.
  14. I play with an extensive list of mods, and I have to wonder why Supreme Magicka hasn't been mentioned yet. Or Immersive Interface or Kvatch Rebuilt.
  15. I'll participate next challenge. Didn't know about this til just now... probably cause I don't pay attention.
  16. Since we're on the subject of VGMix and its remixes, does anyone have the FFX-2 mix Under a Full Moon (or know where I can get it)? I know it got remixed and posted over here, but I used to have the original and I really enjoyed it in correlation to the new remix over here.
  17. Ask about influences, who he considers to be his musical influences?
  18. Can't make it out there, but do you guys have plans to come back to Michigan? I was gonna see you in Ann Arbor... work interfered. Good luck on the show!
  19. I'm gonna say no on this one... but there's a small possibility I might be able to, since I get paid the day before and I could make the drive. Hm. I'll look into it. Edit: Never mind. I thought there was a possibility, then I realized the 10 hours it would take to get there. Not on short notice, unfortunately. When I have a bit of cash saved up, I'd consider flying out to do it. (I'm in Michigan... )
  20. Yay! Episode downloaded! P.S. : I was gonna grab the old episodes, then checked the torrents only to discover they aren't there...? Is it gonna be fixed? P.P.S. : Did I just hear Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  21. Amazing! Congrats, Disco Dan!
  22. I'll be honest. I'm super excited at this very moment in time. Edit: Is a crazy laugh acceptable in the bumper?!
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