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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Awake Remix (Catacombs)

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this is a neat arrangement. my first thought is that the kind of expanding bass you're using is kind of distracting form the melody at it's current level. I really feel like it could fall back into the mix a bit. My preference would be to put in a punchier bass instead but I also can understand why you selected it. Another thing is the song feels kind of dry. the piano when it gets busier doesn't feel like it has much presence to me. I think there is some reverb on it but making it a bit wetter would really benefit that sound in particular. Some ofthe other sounds feel like there is none on it when it should. I really like it though otherwise. great job man!

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Thank you for the feedback so far. I really appreciate it. Also be sure to check out my Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears Odyssey that was just posted recently.

With the completion of "Awake", I intend on making at least 2 more remixes before my Castlevania album is complete. I'll post the other tracks when they're ready. As of now, I still haven't decided what the last two will be yet.

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