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Gerudo Valley theme (semi-finished)

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Taken straight from the recording of our May 15th concert, no editing, EQ, or anything fancy like that. Joe (who did the arrangement) thought this piece wasn't ready for performance. I think we proved him wrong. :grin:


I'm marking this as a wip/semi-finished because while this is a good run of the piece we can do better. Hopefully in a month this'll be one of the things we record for our demo CD, meaning we get another bite at the apple.

In the meantime, however, enjoy.

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Well I was referring to about the first 30 seconds, but this is all just subjective. I'm just saying how I'd personally like this ;)

Oh and I think that 0:43 to 1:00 (which is really awesome) might sound better if it was played a tad slower too.

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proved him wrong indeed... i have to agree the first 30 seconds or so seem a little fast and about halfway through i think i hear a bad note but other than that i have to give you kudos for this. It sounds like somthing you would hear in a few westerns.

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