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  1. proved him wrong indeed... i have to agree the first 30 seconds or so seem a little fast and about halfway through i think i hear a bad note but other than that i have to give you kudos for this. It sounds like somthing you would hear in a few westerns.
  2. You know whats weird is this reminds me of Daft Punk's tron stuff.
  3. The remix is good and personaly i think you sing better in japaniesse but this song is like FF 7 One winged angel its must be reconizable and not to be destroyed over all it was good
  4. wow and i thought your tal tal hights remix was good... great job! I can see this being used for either a racing game like mario kart or as credits
  5. its remarkably well done! to me it would fit well when your manage to get to the crater and are fighting it
  6. This was a song i just randomly came across and just wanted to see if it was any good. the intro gives me the feeling that link just walked in and is just exploring but when it starts going every thing hits the fan
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