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Kraid Battle Theme - LGGames Remix


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I have no honest idea of what to make of this remix. I mean, I could only find ONE other remix of this song for reference (wasn't very good) and ONE midi for basis (which was so broken, it was almost unusable). I really struggled to come up with this and... well, it's not terrible, but it's nothing too special either. I know there's issues with it and I might return one day to fix it up. As of now, I'm ill-pressed to come up with much better and I'm heading back for third semester schooling today (among other works, per usual for me).

Anyway, those are my words. Take the song for what you find it's worth and I hope you enjoy it. Any comments are welcome and encouraged.


Oh what? It's "Boss Month" on OC Remix? Well that's ironic. Didn't even know. XD

- - -

Song: "Kraid Battle Theme"

Game: "Super Metroid"

Remixed By: Gavin MacLean

Midi Basis By: JILost

Listen To The Remix Here!

Download The Remix Here!

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