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Halo 3- Never forget remix

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could help me out with this. I know I've got to add more to it in terms of composition (but thats not a problem because I like adding extra sections, and there's another part to the original track that I'm going to add in), but I'm more worried about my mixing/mastering, because I've never quite got those right, and people tell me that its normally the weakest part of my tracks.

I'm also worrying that it may be too different from the original. I've changed the underlying chords, but done my best to keep the melody the same. Getting a balance between bieng original and bieng similar is difficult, and not something I've done many times before.

Any feedback is appreciated massively :)

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Lep, youtube! Try hosting on non-youtube sites, like Tindeck. Starts off too quietly, the synth stuff is kinda cool, but hard to hear. Why is this so quiet?! I can't hear enough to give a fair critique, I'm sorry.

Its ok, I'll upload it onto somewhere else. I think Adobe Premiere makes my tracks somewhat quiet, because the mp3 in media player sounds a lot louder than the avi file.

I've put it up on Soundcloud for you, its (for one reason or another) louder on there, so you should be able to hear it fine. If not, I'm gonna have to make the file louder :P


Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'll try layering the snare up with some other sounds and play around with some FX on it. I'll try and EQ the kick too to give it a bit more bass. Thanks for the advice Zach! :D

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This is tremendously better, but still mixed far too quietly. The percussion sounds early on are really cool, and the light panning effects you have are nice. The filtered drumkits play well into the melody. You don't need to have quiet-everything to have powerful drums, though! The snare is way too thin, but the kick drum is perfect. I like the hits you have in on this. Next version, up everything except the drums in volume.

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