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Thunderbird's Battle Theme - LGGames Remix


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Recently got a request from a fan asking me to make a remix for their fan game. Having been able to succeed in actually making the remix (A.K.A. Having the time and having relatively good luck with, what I expected to be, a hard song to remix), I handed him over this and he was more then happy with it.

Personally, I think it's pretty fair remix. The "Thunderbird's Battle Theme" is a really hard song to build from, considering the original song has only 2 instruments and is a loop under 10 seconds long. Still, as I said, I'm happy with how this came out.

Comments and critiques of the song are welcome, of course.

Above all, enjoy.

- - -

Song: "Thunderbird Battle Theme"

Game: "Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link"

Remix By: Gavin MacLean

Midi Basis By: John Faraone

Request For: YoSniper

Download the remix here!

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