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Tallon IV remix


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It's not bad, I hate YT for crits cause the sound is usually crap.

I do love the wub wub. <3 some wubwubwub.

There's a high part that feels like it's only in my right ear. For my taste, that's too hard of panning for that part.

This tends to be too repetitive for me as well. The instrumentation is good, and when it changes up it gets interesting again. But it seems like each idea just runs a little bit long with no real change. My first thought (and what I see a lot in dub and DnB) is to really tweak some of the filters there with automation.

If dub is what you're going for, you may want to simplify the drum part some. Usually the bass drum parts are very simple 1 and the & of 3.

That reese bass has a nice full sound, I like it, but it doesn't get very adventurous. Play with it :tomatoface:

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Not bad at all. Some sounds are a bit lo-fi compared to the mood your friend is trying to capture here, but all in all, nicely done. The drums are very fitting, and I love the synth that plays in the background. At around 2:45, that synth needs to be toned down; maybe lift off the sustain there so it doesn't sound like a big mess.

Keep working on this; it has a lot of potential.

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