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  1. I haven't been here for a while.... a long while. Partly due to work, partly due to being in grad school, but I told myself that one day, I'd get back into OCR'ing. I think you just did it for me with this. ABSOLUTELY EPIC. You have shown me that even the most overplayed theme can have fresh life breathed into it with a little extra spice. You sir, get the playing outside the music box award (sounds cooler than thinking outside the box). WELL DONE!!! Badass. Just plain badass. Did I mention I love this? Okay. Just checking.
  2. Hey, I've been listening to Seven Places and 24 Shades at work recently.  Been really enjoying your futuresque style.  Reminds me of Custom Robo and the Robo Factory from Chrono Trigger.  Good stuff. :nicework:

  3. Interesting you say that.. and yeah I went missing for a while :bang head: I'll try and make things a bit softer.
  4. Beautiful arrangement, guys. Managed to keep it familiar but very fresh. Well done!
  5. Tuned Logic is back, ya'll! I had this left over from a few years ago; it was created for the Metroid Prime OCR album that never really got off the ground, so I thought I'd share/gauge interest for submission. This is a ReMix of Torvus Bog (Swampland, above ground) from Metroid Prime 2. Enjoy! http://tinyurl.com/ngz7dm7 EDIT: Sorry, guys, link is fixed.
  6. Heyyyy - omg- looking forward to hearing some new stuff from ya, bro. I'm very slowly putting together two "EP's". Trying not to put too much on my plate though, as I have other goals in mind as well, heh @_@. I can link you to my soundcloud, which has some of my recent stuff on it -


  7. Hey, long time no talk. Starting to get back into the music scene now that I have the time. What have you been up to musically?

  8. Hi, I made a (album) mix that features your song quite predominantly in the beginning. I hope you like what I did with it!


  9. Why, of course =D.

    There's a clicky there btw lol xD.

  10. Hey man, just saw your recent messages. I haven't been on in a long while, haha. I'm just now finding some time to work on new projects; definitely send me the link to your track when you get the chance. I'd love to hear it. :)

  11. I'm workin on a chill song right now, totally inspired by you, I'll send it to you when I'm finished with it =D!

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