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Propagator's Theme (Invasion Project)

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First song in a project I'm doing based on a Final Fantasy 8 Fanfiction I read about 8 years ago. Most of the project will be all original material, but there will be the occasional glimpse of a theme or easter egg of a line from a song from the game but very few, which is why I'll be posting in this forum and not the remix forum.

This first song is the theme for the enemy forces of story, the Propagator's. Which actually appear in the game when you first get on the Ragnarok.


Quick edit: I know the percussion at the end is out of sync, plan to fix that in my next update of the song. It has something to do with the sample I used, I'll have to pick a different sample next time.

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Pretty much completed the song, minus some final ajustements to dynamics I'll make at a later time. The song contains portions of the song Residents from the FF8 soundtrack in the backround at some points, but again, not the main focus of the piece since the melodies and most everything else is original.

I've also started work on the 2nd track of my project which I'll be posting once the 4GB more of RAM I ordered comes in since I can't load all my samples into Cubase for the 2nd song because I run out of RAM.

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