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Recording Guitar on a PC

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Hello everyone,

Another newb remixer question: what exactly do I need to record guitar directly into my computer? I am assuming that I need BOTH of the objects in the links below (one is a soundcard, the other is an audio interface):



Do I only need one of these, or do I need both (for recording guitar)? The soundcard looked like it had some kind of input capability, but I'm not sure if it can accept a guitar jack...any advice is appreciated.

Also, I'm on a low budget, so that explains why I'm not spending more than 200$ on both components combined.

Thanks for the help.


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You only need one. Get the interface so you can do it on a laptop if you need too. As far as what interface you should get, I'm no expert but the soundcard thread in the guides forum here has good recommendations.

Getting both is useless, you can only use one at a time in a DAW.

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